Call for submissions: Creating a World Without Racism

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2 min readJun 4, 2020

Read our full statement condemning racism in all its forms.

Writing is a critical tool for eradicating white supremacy. We’re inviting our community to raise their voices on this platform in this historic moment to drive change.

While we’ll give first priority to reviewing, editing, and publishing pieces from black community members, we fully encourage others to write, too. Just like sexism is not a problem for women alone to solve, racism is not a problem for black people/people of color alone to solve.

Here are some questions to consider addressing:

  1. What does the term anti-racism mean to you? Why does it matter for health equity?
  2. At this moment, many people, including some in our community, are starting to engage more deeply in anti-racism learning and action. What does it look like to call people into this work?
  3. The concept that some racial/ethnic groups are superior to others has been at the heart of state-sponsored violence around the world. What is required for transformation and healing?
  4. Single narratives or “single stories” are incredibly dangerous and often spark deeper distrust or prejudice towards another person or group. Tell us about a single story you have rejected and how you came to unlearn a deep-seeded thought or idea.

Relevant links / other opportunities:

  • Anti-racism and mental health resources from the GHC community.
  • Read what others in the GHC community have written about race here, here, here, and here for inspiration.
  • Take over GHC’s social media accounts (@ghcorps / @globalhealthcorps) to raise awareness, challenge assumptions, share resources and reflections about racial justice right now.

Questions? Email Advocacy & Communications Manager Brittany Cesarini (

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