Meet The 16 Startups Who Pitched At AngelHack’s Global Demo Day ‘17

They won their local AngelHack hackathon, went through our pre-accelerator (the HACKcelerator), and wowed the Bay Area tech scene.

On November 2nd the AngelHack squad, investors, and industry experts convened on the Wilsey Center For Opera in San Francisco for Global Demo Day and Startup Bash. We chose the top startups from our cohort to showcase and prove that you can go from hackathon prototype to full fledged startup in just 12-weeks!

We brought together an amazing judge lineup, including: Chandini Ammineni, Founder and Managing Partner at 500 Startups; Editor-At-Large of TechCrunch, Josh Constine; and Thomas Korte, Founder of AngelPad, Arlan Hamilton, Founder of Backstage Capital, plus a few surprise guests!

Meet the 16 companies who launched at Global Demo Day:

Goin — Barcelona

Barcelona-based Goin is a blockchain enabled mobile platform that encourages millennials to save. As a fully customizable financial tool, Goin integrates different algorithms using machine learning for users to save in a way that suits them, and personalizes investment strategies based on risk profiles.

They are currently partnering with banks in Spain, in full Beta mode, and closing their seed round.

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ImposterBlocker — Seattle

ImposterBlocker is your first responder when attackers target your brand identity. Using fast algorithms, ImposterBlocker can detect any problem with any attack on any URL website.


SolarIoT — Los Angeles

Through solar panels and a cryptocurrency token exchange, users are able to invest in solar panel projects, transfer and store energy, through a trusted decentralised network.

Website — Bogota

A hardware device that allows you to pour a beer from the comfort of your own table! No waiter necessary. With restaurant-goers only pay for what they pour. They have already sold 200 litres of better and obtained thousands of dollars in sponsorship.

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StageCrew — Quito

StageCrew is a tool used to create teams that can visualize and manage technical information for live shows. On a easy interactive platform, all logistical and operational information can be communicated a large group of people.

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Ping — Hyderabad

Ping is a smart platform for language independent communication between users, businesses and their customers. It provides realtime translation of all messages, along with other machine learning based language features.

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TobyPro — Brisbane

Tobypro will create a new fractional property market that facilitates affordable homeownership for millennials. Using blockchain technology, Tobypro allows equity transfer between homeowners and renters.

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Fabricycle — Taipei

A brand-new way to get rid of your unwanted clothes. Fabricycle will pick up your clothes, and offers an e-commerce platform to sell or to recycle people used clothes.

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1Connect — Austin

1Connect is a corporate wellness program that aims to help employees improve their health and productivity levels.

Shelterspace — San Francisco

Shelterspace is changing the way the city interacts with the homeless and homeless shelters. Shelterspace enables shelters to accurately depict where the empty beds are in real time across any location.


Delfinite — Cincinnati

Delfinite is a consumer insights company that leverages voice interface devices to connect companies with their customers. Customers can simply talk to their Alexa and the complaint is lodged.

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Cardview — Jaipur

From Jaipur, Cardview is an augmented reality app that brings cards to life! By using a simple QR code. Starting with business and greeting cards, Cardview plan to inject technology into these traditionally static industries.

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Recowork — London

Recowork is an online platform that revolutionizes the recruitment process by making it much more fun and personal. It allows everyone to become a recruiter through a recommendation system.

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TeamUp — Shenzhen

A WeChat integrated platform based in Shenzhen that solves the problem of group chat. Through their platform you can introduce yourself to members, edit tags, and browse other group members. They currently have thousands of users on their platform and have had a significant amount of press in China.

Heroes — Lima

A gaming mobile application engine teaching kids how to code through computational thinking, in a fun interactive game.

Waypoint — Silicon Valley

Waypoint is an AR, geo-location based ecosystem that allows businesses and users to post AR “geo-pins” in order to explore the world around them.


So… who won what?

Goin was the Grand Prize winner, and you can check out our Q&A with them here. Plus, check out all the prize announcements below!