Issue 3

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Component Architecture Recipes For Angular’s Reactive Forms

A new post from Todd Motto this week! Every post of his is packed with awesome Angular information and patterns that have an immediate impact on how I code my apps. In this post, Todd focuses on component architecture when dealing with reactive forms. While many people talk about how wonderful reactive forms are, no one explores their full potential like Todd does. Reactive forms aside, the component architecture discussed in this article will help you write more readable and maintainable Angular apps.

NgUpgrade in Depth

Last week, we looked Victor Savkin’s Upgrade Shell strategy for converting AngularJS applications to Angular. This week Victor gives us a deep dive into NgUpgrade. This article is thorough and provides plenty of examples of upgrading (AngularJS within Angular) and downgrading (Angular within AngularJS) parts of your application. I haven’t had to convert a project yet, but these posts will be invaluable if I ever do. If you are interested in learning more, he also has a book available, Upgrading Angular Applications. I haven’t read it, but his book about the Angular Router was 👌!

When to Unsubscribe in Angular

Netanel’s quick rundown of when it is necessary to call unsubscribe in order to avoid a memory leak. The big takeway for me is that if I use the async pipe, Angular will unsubscribe for me, but perhaps Maurice de Beijer puts it best in the comments: if you call subscribe() then you must also call unsubscribe().


Announcing The New Webpack CLI

The new webpack CLI includes a brand new scaffolding system that will make it easier for developers to create addons, as well as a focus on simplifying the migration progress from webpack v1 to v2.

Visual Studio For Mac

I’m content with VS Code for now, but I’m sure some people were excited by this announcement 😜

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