Celebrate Halloween With New Anito Legends Early Access v0.4.4 Update

Luie Magbanua
Anito Legends
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4 min readOct 14, 2022


The spooky season is here and Anito Legends is celebrating the occasion with a Halloween update! Check out the new lobby, NPC, Ghost armor, and additions to the Charm system in v0.4.4!

We’ve got another big update hitting Anito Legends Early Access, and this time, we’re celebrating Halloween!


  1. Check out the new Halloween Lobby!
Can you spot all the cute Halloween-inspired elements in our new lobby? :)

For the rest of October until November 2, the whole Anito Legends lobby has been decked out for Halloween! We’ve got some decorative pumpkins, bats flying around, and a new NPC so be sure to hang around the area to spot all the shiny new things!

2. New Wakwak NPC

You can find our new NPC in the game’s lobby!

Our new Wakwak character will be sharing news and updates from the Anito Legends team! She’s our resident storyteller who brings in the latest scoop for all our players!

BUT! She also doesn’t have a name yet, and we have an ongoing community contest to help give her a name and a compelling story!

You can join the community contest over at our Discord! :)

3. New Haunted Equipment

Check out some of the new Haunted weapons and armor you can craft in v0.4.4!

We’ve also added ten (10) new Legendary Haunted seasonal equipment! Blueprints are now available in Nino’s Shop and will be part of the rotation until the Halloween Season ends. Haunted Equipments are all zero weight and have special abilities!

The new Legendary gear are called the Haunted weapons and armor. Their blueprints can be purchased at Nino’s Shop.

Here is the complete list of new Haunted gear with their special effects:

  • Haunted Amethyst (Poison All)
  • Haunted Crystal (Burn All)
  • Haunted Machete (Lifesteal)
  • Haunted Sickle (Lifesteal)
  • Haunted Battle Axe (Lifesteal)
  • Haunted Pike (Lifesteal)
  • Haunted Poleaxe (Lifesteal)
  • Haunted Breastplate (Damage Reduction)
  • Haunted Kalinga (Deflect Damage)
  • Haunted Knight Shield (Deflect Damage)
  • Haunted Taming (Deflect Damage)

4. Three New Charms!

We’ve also added three new Charms to mix up the current Arena Mode (PvP) meta!

Here is the full list of new Charms and their effects:

  • Blood of Sina-Una (+10 ATK)
  • Scale of Sina-Una (+10 DEF)
  • Heart of Sina-Una (+10 HP)

Again, Charms have a 5% drop rate from Epic Chest which you can get from Epic Quests and drops from Lagim bosses in Adventure Mode (PvE)

You can read up on our Charm system over at our Anito Legends Early Access v0.4.3 blog post!

5. Customize Player Avatar & Frame

You can now change your Player Avatar and Frame in update v0.4.4!

Our initial batch of frames and avatars are now available for everyone, with more options to come in future updates.

To do so, click the gear icon on the upper-left corner of the screen and check the “Avatar” tab on the left of the “Settings” tab.

Change your Avatar and Frame by clicking the Gear icon on the upper-left corner of the screen.

6. Hiding 1 Anito In Arena Team Loadout

Tap the Anito when setting your Attack or Defense teams and click the eye icon to hide the Anito!

You can now hide 1 Anito from your team loadout in Arena Mode. Surprise your enemies with your hidden Anito!

7. Food Items Are Back!

Use food items to heal your Anitos and earn friendship points or exchange them for PERLAS.

8. Energy Refills Also Make A Comeback!

Energy refills are back and can be purchased in Nino’s Shop!


  • Fixed misc. typo errors in the game
  • Added more Arena backgrounds
  • Added more sound effects and music
  • Added more horn sounds to Tinkerer’s Horn
  • Fixed annoying Arena battle bug! Battle should not freeze anymore for some players.
  • Misc. UI adjustments (Lobby quest balloon, Anito name positioning, Anito avatar positioning, etc.)

We’re also having a Payday Sale this October 14–15, 2022! We’re slashing off 50% on our Legendary gacha boxes which you can get at the Anito Legends Marketplace!

Remember that you need three (3) Anito NFTs to start playing the game!

That’s it for now! You can download the latest client from our official website, and if you’ve noticed any bugs or issues while playing, feel free to let us know on our Discord, Twitter, or Telegram!