1–on-1 Coaching: Antifragile Productivity System

I’m willing to bet that this is the last productivity system you will ever need.

Dr. Akshad Singi
Antifragile Productivity
8 min readJun 8, 2024


  • Struggling to stick to routines or meet deadlines?
  • Tired of starting over and over again, never going the distance?
  • Frustrated by “perfect” plans that crumble under the slightest pressure?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

In a world where chaos is the only certainty, traditional productivity systems fail to hold up. They’re extremely fragile.

The impact is not only outer but also inner.

Failing to stay productive doesn’t just result in lost time or less output. It also inflicts a range of psychological wounds.

  • Every time your carefully planned routines derail, it chips away at your self-esteem.
  • The constant struggle to catch up and get on track increases stress levels.
  • And with plans never working out, stagnation sets in and frustration becomes a constant companion.

Even highly productive people are deeply dissatisfied as their impressive on-paper productivity is surpassed by even higher stress levels.

But here’s the thing. Overcoming these challenges might take years for you — if ever. But with the right approach, you can dissolve them quickly.

Antifragile Productivity System is that approach!

But why should you trust me?

Because I’ve been where you are.

I’m a doctor from India, a digital writer on Medium.com, and a fitness enthusiast with countless other hobbies. I understand the pressures of productivity better than most.

Being a doctor in India is not a fun ride. The material to study is endless. The competition is immense. And the working hours — inhumane.

Amidst hectic night shifts, 36–48 hour on-calls, and an unmanageable patient flow, I felt as if I was drowning. Being overwhelmed, I saw plenty of my peers give up their passions — their identities succumbing to the pressure of being a doctor.

But I just refused to allow that for myself.

I wanted to do well as a doctor. But I still wanted to accomplish other goals.

So I kept fighting, reading every time-management book I could get my hands on — and experimenting with every productivity technique to ever exist.

But I found nothing that could survive the chaotic nature of my life as a doctor. Every time-management technique turned out to be fragile against the pressures of my primary career.

Fortunately, my stubborn refusal to give in was rewarded, and the cosmic consciousness prompted me to approach productivity differently.

Over the next few months, my productivity and well-being began to soar — despite the chaos of my medical life. My life had changed, permanently.

Because this unprecedented approach allowed me to sustain my productivity, no matter how chaotic life got — while also boosting my joy — I named it The Antifragile Productivity system.

Now, I’m on a mission to teach the system to others and help people outdo themselves.

The Antifragile Productivity System is what I would have killed for

Mind you, this coaching program is not a list of incoherent advice. Instead, the Antifragile Productivity System is an unprecedented method that weaves together multiple principles of psychology, neuroplasticity, and spirituality into a coherent system that takes less than 1 minute/day to maintain.

With the Antifragile Productivity System, you won’t be:

❌ Relying on subjective (read: biased or false) assumptions about your productivity.

❌ Experiencing massive fluctuations in your self-esteem.

❌ Using complicated notion productivity sheets that take forever to maintain.

❌ Making to-do lists or time blocks every single day.

❌ Stressed out by constantly living on deadlines.

❌ Making rigid plans.

❌ Pushing yourself all the time.

❌ Feeling guilt when taking breaks.

Instead, the system will:

✅ Use objective data to improve your productivity.

✅ Stabilize your self-esteem.

✅ Require only less than a minute per day to maintain.

✅ Provide default recurring clarity without constant planning.

✅ Help you work mostly in a deadline-free way, using deadlines judiciously, only when necessary.

✅ Help you work flexibly, to make room for life’s innate chaos.

✅ Help you feel naturally pulled by your work, boosting joy.

✅ Allow you to take intentional, guilt-free breaks.

And more.

Individually, each one of these benefits might seem minor. However, since the system provides all these benefits together, you will experience exponential growth.

What makes it “Antifragile”?

The “Antifragile” productivity system, inspired by the term originally coined by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, is designed to thrive in chaos, not just survive it. The goal is not to just safeguard productivity against chaos but also to use it as a growth catalyst, boosting resilience, wisdom, and self-awareness.

Most traditional productivity methods are rigid and fragile. And hence, they break under the pressure of life’s chaos.

However, this system achieves antifragility through two key principles: flexibility and elasticity.

  1. Flexibility allows you to adapt your routines during unexpected events without guilt or frustration.
  2. Meanwhile, elasticity ensures a return to these routines once normalcy resumes.

This approach transforms rigid, breakable routines into rubber-band-like ones, which can stretch under pressure and revert to their original form afterward, mirroring a rubber band’s response to pressure.

Flexibility coupled with elasticity will allow you to keep going forever.

3M Framework: Methodical Boost in Productivity

The Antifragile Productivity Method relies on a 3M framework, which allows you to:

  • Measure your productivity, objectively in three key metrics — average work done, momentum duration, total work done — giving you a crystal clear, data-driven view of your performance.
  • Maintain consistent productivity through an engaging gamification approach, which hacks/leverages your brain’s dopaminergic reward pathways, turning productivity into a rewarding experience.
  • Manage your productivity with high intentionality, to foster a more purposeful allocation of time and effort to fulfill your unique definition of balance.

Philosophy: Long-Term Success Optimisation

In addition to focussing on the micro, we will also optimize your productivity for the macro. Our big-picture philosophy to transform your results in life relies on three pillars.

  • 1. Optimal Work Ethic Scaling: In a data-driven approach, we’ll scale your work ethic to an optimal range of 60–90%, as preferred individually, leaving space for rest & recovery to ensure longevity.
  • 2. Prioritising a High Pull-to-Push Ratio: We ensure that most of your productivity feels effortless/joyful/playful — as though you’re being naturally “pulled” by the work, with only a healthy amount of pushing. A high pull-to-push ratio will ensure that you don’t always feel drained. This too will promote longevity, as well as joy.
  • 3. Scaling Quality: While there’s a limit to increasing work quantity, the potential to enhance its quality is boundless. After building a formidable work ethic, we then focus on raising the quality of that effort through granular understanding and optimization of your input. To do this, we’ll use anchoring questions like, “How can I make my 4 hours equal to someone else’s 16?”

Achieving Peak Mental Health

Toxic productivity has overtaken the world today, and consequently, most individuals despite having high productivity on the outside, are super miserable within.

With Antifragile productivity coaching, your mental health will be of the utmost priority. Our goal is to optimize for both your productivity and inner bliss.

The system will help you achieve that by helping you:

  • Stop regretting the past: By building a quantifiable proof of work, improvement, and results.
  • Stop escaping the present: By teaching you how to build an absolute connection with the present moment, and make high-level decisions in real time.
  • Stop fearing the future: By cumulatively increasing your self-belief using proof of work, and spiritual wisdom — and teaching you how to detach yourself from results using the principle of input-output duality.

What others have to say about the system and my productivity advice:


Q1: Who is this coaching for?

This coaching is for two kinds of people.

  1. Those struggling to be productive in the first place.
  2. Those who are very productive, but still highly stressed or miserable within.

Primarily, it’s for anyone who wants to demand the best from themselves.

Q2: Why choose me over other productivity or habit coaches?

Most productivity/habit coaches make you dependent on them. My goal is to teach you the system and how to use it properly, so you never need to hire another productivity coach again — not even me.

As I mentioned before, this coaching isn’t a “list” of incoherent advice. It’s a coherent system. As James Clear said,

“You don’t rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”

My claim is that the Antifragile Productivity System is the best system on Earth. I bet that you can’t find a better system out there.

Q3: How does it work?

The process is pretty simple, yet incredibly powerful.

  1. Onboarding call: we’ll do a 60-minute call to discuss your goals and obstacles in depth.
  2. Initiation: I’ll then set up the Antifragile Productivity System individualized to your specific situation.
  3. Iteration: I’ll monitor your progress, and then we’ll have weekly calls to make improvements.

Q4: What’s included?

  • Weekly calls.
  • WhatsApp communication with replies to your doubts within 24 hours.
  • Access to & a deep understanding of the Antifragile Productivity System.
  • Epi-systemic guides to help you skyrocket your productivity after the foundational system is built.

Q5: What if it doesn’t work for me?

I’ll give you a refund (minus the processing fees). No questions asked. However, I’m confident you won’t need to ask for it.

Reach out to me to get started:



Dr. Akshad Singi
Antifragile Productivity

12x top writer. Doctor. Published in Business Insider. Using mindfulness to induce an inner revolution. Get in touch: akshadwrites@gmail.com