Time for an Upgrade! Improving the NOVA Tournament and a new Content Creator Programme

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7 min readMar 25, 2024


Hello doods, welcome back to the latest news for all things Apeiron! The updates continue to come thick and fast: today we’ll be talking about our upgrades to the Nova Tournament and Adeptus Content Creator Programme.

Before we begin, a BIG reminder: our $APRS TGE is coming TOMORROW! On March 26th, 9AM UTC, you’ll be able to purchase and trade $APRS on Bybit. Read more about the TGE here. You can actually register for the Bybit Launchpool now! Do so here.

Additionally, with the launch of $APRS now so close, we’re announcing that we will no longer be minting mini-black holes (mBH) for Planet breeding. Existing mBH will always be usable for breeding, but we will not be making anymore, as $APRS will fill this function moving forward. As a thank you to our early supporters who have helped us to grow the Apeiron godiverse using mBH after the Ronin migration, we’ll be having a special $ANIMA airdrop just for you doods. More details to come soon.

Alrighty, let’s get started 🦔

Nova Tournament UPGRADE

It’s time for an upgrade! Together with TALON Esports and — joining in on the fun — United Esports, we’re taking the Nova Tournament to the next level by inviting more of your beloved KOLs to compete against each other playing Apeiron PvP, showcasing their excellent gaming skills and our awesome game design. WOOHOO! 🥳

As explained in a previous blog, the Nova Tournament will consist of two conferences: the Eastern Conference (Asia) and the Western Conference (Americas). We’re inviting your favorite KOLs to participate and their gameplay will be livestreamed on Twitch. This means that you can watch all the action unfold in real-time along with other doods in the server!

We’ve been working hard to secure an incredible slate of KOLs from both the web3 and web2 space to play. It’s going to be a real mashup and party atmosphere! Unfortunately, this has meant that we’ve had to push back the time for the tournament. The new dates for the tournament are as follows:

Western Conference: April 5–6, 12AM — 3:45AM UTC

Eastern Conference: April 11–13, 11AM — 2:45 PM UTC

Here’s the list of KOLs you can expect to see in the tournament and their respective conferences. Stick close to our Twitter as we drop profiles on our fighters as the tournament approaches!

Western Conference :

Eastern Conference :

Get excited! This will be the biggest competitive tournament we’ve held yet — we can’t wait to see everyone battling it out in the Arena. It’s gonna be doody levels of epic~

Apeiron Content Creation Campaign: The Second Adepti

As we’re continuing to expand and improve, we’re thrilled to announce our Apeiron Content Creation Campaign: The Second Adepti! We want to keep the momentum going and are calling on both our current KOLs and anyone who believes they have what it takes to attract real gamers to our ecosystem to participate in this exciting opportunity.

Growth Based Rewards

Interested users can apply to join the The Second Adepti Campaign using this form HERE.

Approved KOLs will get 5 Godling Ascension Packs (GAPs) as an onboarding gift upon reaching 10 Believers to give out to their budding communities. Each GAP contains 2 Apostle Ticket NFTs and 300 ANIMUS, the perfect way for new users to start building their Apeiron collection. Apostle Tickets are used to get random dood Apostles to join you in battle. ANIMUS is a web2 currency used to purchase PvP Stamina, which is used to get the web3 currency $ANIMA from winning matches. ANIMUS can also be used to re-roll Seed Apostles.

For KOLs who have been approved, you will receive a personal Adeptus code and link to provide to your community and register them as your Believers. Simply put, the more believers you onboard, the more rewards you get! You will get $10 for every Believer who reaches Platinum Rank in PvP, up to a max of $2000. Additionally, each Believer will get 150 ANIMUS for signing up as one of your crew.

Rewards will unlock based on (1) your Believer count and (2) the videos you’ve published. So for instance, if you have 20 Believers and made an intro video on Apeiron, you’ll get $100. 40 Believers and you’ll receive 20 Godling Ascension Packs and 1 Golden Ticket for giving away to your community. And so on — please refer to the graphic below.

There are 4 different video categories for which you can claim rewards. Here’s what the video categories entail:

Introductory Video: An overview of the Apeiron game and ecosystem

Deck and Guide Video: Showcasing your go-to deck, favorite skills, and gameplay.

Epic Collab Video: Collaborate with another KOL! Battle with them and discuss the game.

Road to Divine Video: A documentary of your journey to the Divine Rank in PvP.

Q: What if I make a video but don’t have the necessary Believers to claim the reward at the time, but I reach the necessary Believer count at a later date? Can I still get the reward?

A: Yes, you can claim video rewards if you reach the Believer count even after the video has been published.

Additionally, there are a number of one-time-only quests for creators. Each quest rewards creators with 1 Golden Apostle Ticket and 300 ANIMUS. Complete all four quests to get $500! The quests are:

  • Reach Mythic PvP Rank
  • Reach Divine PvP Rank
  • Reach 100 Believers
  • Have 20 Believers reach Platinum PvP Rank

Please note that each reward can only be redeemed ONCE per Adeptus Campaign. This is our 2nd Content Creation Adeptus Campaign to date. To claim rewards, please submit a ticket in our Discord.

Through completing missions, KOLs will have the potential to earn up to $3000 USDT. 🎉 😤

WARNING: Any win-trading or exploitation of the Adeptus campaign will result in immediate disqualification and permanent BANISHMENT from the Apeiron ecosystem.

If you wish to organize dedicated Apeiron events such as mini tournaments within your own community, feel free to reach out to @shadowsan or @megadinorhino via our official Discord or alternatively open a ticket on our Discord and one of our Overseers will be happy to help you out! 👍

— — — — -

And there you have it doods and doodettes! We are all super excited about the upcoming Nova Tournament. Keep an eye on our Twitter and make sure to follow us on our Discord for more. Big week ahead of us!

As always, thanks for reading godlings, tata ~

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