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The Data Science Business Map

The 20 data science projects at the core of every successful business

David Foster
Apr 1, 2017 · 2 min read

What do you get if you draw a map linking the thirteen key business functions…

Marketing, Customer Services, Sales, R&D, Purchasing, Production, Distribution, IT, HR, Legal, Finance, Senior Management and Operations.

… to the three key elements of any business?…

  1. the customer
  2. the product / service
  3. the package that links the customer to the product / service

Answer: The Data Science Business Map

By drawing this map, the core 20 data science projects emerge from the diagram.

These are, in no particular order:

  1. Behavioural Segmentation of customers
  2. Recommendation Engine suggesting products to customers
  3. Market Basket analysis suggesting new packages to sell
  4. Price Optimisation of packages
  5. Funnel Analysis / Lead Prioritisation of potential customers
  6. Attribution Modelling of marketing campaigns
  7. Text Mining of customer feedback
  8. Bots for customer services
  9. Churn Prediction
  10. Routing Optimisation
  11. Inventory Optimisation
  12. Scenario Simulation for production lines
  13. Negotiation Engine for purchasing
  14. Enhancing the product with Artificial Intelligence
  15. Improving Database Architecture
  16. Attrition Modelling of employees
  17. Fraud Detection
  18. Financial Forecasting
  19. Automation of existing processes
  20. Visualization of key metrics

In the diagram, the black text along each arrow describes the relationship between the two entities and the red text shows the data science project that make this relationship more profitable, efficient or optimal.

OK, I’ve printed it out and put it on the wall next to my data science team. Now what?

Check out our follow up post here:

Stay tuned for more, and follow Applied Data Science.

If you have any suggestions for enhancing the map, or any projects you’d like to see us cover first, please leave feedback in the comments below.

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