“A person walking through a maze made out of rocks by the side of the beach” by Ashley Batz on Unsplash

From picture, to story, to AquaTED…

AquaTED provides online content about aqua cultures that can be used by educators in distant learning training workshops/courses — this is not new. But the technology we now have is.

E-learning and e-learning design is a whole new industry and there is no lack of tips, models, frameworks on how to design online courses — we will not walk that path again. Instead we will create stories using video, sound, image and writing.

So, how can you as a lecturer, student or entrepreneur use this website?

We provide different stories to tell something about a fish, its biology, ecology, production, or how people buy, prepare and eat seafood. In the end, we give some tips on how you can dig deeper, keep on asking questions and find your own answers to biology, ecology, physiology, trade, marketing … because in a food system, everything is connected.

You can start anywhere you want, you can use as many stories as you wish, it is up to you to design your course/learning journey as you feel is most useful for you.

So let’s start

Choose a story from the links below or go to the Home page and choose from there:

  1. Where do fish come from?
  2. For every fish you get one comes from aquaculture
  3. The value chain
  4. A visit to the fish market

The IMTA series

  1. A food system approach
  2. IMTA an historical perspective
  3. IMTA the 20th century
  4. What is IMTA?