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The easiest way to enjoy Ethereum

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3 min readFeb 13, 2020


May 2020: We have moved our blog (and the most recent version of this post) to:

Argent’s key features:

  • Easily access DeFi apps to earn interest
  • Securely store, send and exchange crypto
  • Lock and unlock your wallet
  • Set a daily transaction limit
  • No seed phrase, no transaction fees for in-app actions, no long addresses

Here’s how to start. It’s way easier than you’d think.

1. Download 🙌

Download on iOS or Android.

Choose your username (your Ethereum address), e.g.

FYI: right now there’s a short waitlist for getting a wallet. If you want to start ASAP you can ask existing Argent wallet owners on social media for a ‘Golden Token’ invite to skip it.

2. Add funds to your wallet 🤑

You can either buy crypto with $, €, £ in Argent or send it from another wallet/exchange.

Tap ‘Add funds’ and then choose:

💳 Payment methods: Card, bank transfer, Apple Pay (USA only)

(We’re bringing the option to buy crypto to nearly every country but aren’t quite there yet. If you don’t see this option please send funds from a wallet/exchange, as below).

📲 Send crypto from a wallet/exchange: 1) Copy your Argent address — this is the long string of numbers & letters starting with 0x… (your username is also your address but many exchanges/wallets don’t support them yet). 2) Paste it in your exchange/wallet; 3) Send with 23,300 gas (gas = Ethereum transaction fees)

(On desktop? A neat trick is to enter your username in your browser. Your wallet’s address will come up, copy it from there to your wallet/exchange. You can also buy crypto there too if your country’s covered).

3. Now put those assets to work! Welcome to DeFi 🚀

Why care about Decentralized Finance (DeFi)? It aims to make the financial system:

  • Fairer
  • More efficient
  • Accessible to anyone, anywhere

We’re making the best DeFi projects super easy to use from Argent.

To start, open the ‘Finances’ tab in Argent.

Maker’s Dai Savings Rate (DSR)

The DSR lets you earn interest by contributing to the stability of Maker’s Dai — a token designed to not fluctuate in value (kind of like a digital dollar). The interest is used to influence the supply and demand of Dai, and rates are variable.

Argent’s the easiest way to use it.

Earn with Compound

A second way for you to earn interest is through Compound’s lending platform. This lets you earn interest from traders borrowing crypto. The rates are also variable.

4. Send to a friend 😍

Now you know the ropes, get your friends involved.

An Ethereum Venmo for the world

Protect your wallet even more 👮‍♀️

Our security model lets you choose trusted people or devices — we call them Guardians — to help you recover and lock your wallet. Adding another is as easy as tapping ‘Security’ then ‘Add Guardian’ in Argent.

The advanced guide to Argent 👩‍🎓

Once you’ve mastered the essentials here’s what else you can do:

Explore more Dapps

Want to use desktop Dapps like Uniswap and Pool Together? Just go to their website, click connect wallet, select ‘Wallet Connect’ and scan the QR code with your Argent wallet. Argent supports any Dapp that also supports Wallet Connect.

Add a hardware wallet or MetaMask account as a Guardian

If you’d prefer not to have other people as Guardians you could use a hardware wallet(s) and MetaMask instead. Here’s more on our security centre.

And if you’re really interested in security, we’ve ensured you’re never locked into Argent by designing a kit to help you withdraw your assets using another Ethereum wallet.

Conclusion 😎

Benefits of Argent:

  • Only you control your assets
  • Explore DeFi in a tap
  • Easily recover and lock your wallet



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