Cryptoterminal: Is This Business the Future of the Blockchain Market?

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9 min readDec 28, 2022


Gm! The Cryptoterminal business is becoming increasingly popular in central Europe. What is this business about? — It’s simply a cryptocurrency exchange office that you can easily open and earn money. The good news is that you are not left alone in this business. Ari10 company gives you all the knowledge — how to run a stationary crypto exchange from scratch!

Polish people have already recognized its value, and there are over 130 locations in Poland serving crypto enthusiasts. That said, the international web3 community is always keen on offline crypto purchases, connected to the values of freedom, privacy and independence. It’s only a matter of time before European countries begin using digital asset offline buying products.

As life becomes more digital, people want to escape the internet world. Crypto has always been connected only to the virtual space, but purchases can now be made offline. That’s why the Cryptoterminal business is increasing in popularity — people want to use crypto exchange offices, and entrepreneurs want to profit from it. Here’s how the offline crypto purchase works (and how it will change the world):

Migration the online world 🌐

In a time when a large part of life is moving online, people want to keep a part of their life offline more than ever.

This is also true for cryptocurrencies. Despite what most “experts” claim, offline will always remain in the game.

Brick and mortar cryptocurrency exchanges have many advantages that that online exchanges lack.

The exchange business is doing very well in Poland. The rest of the world is somewhat behind compared to Poland in terms of this form of cryptocurrency exchange.

But how did exchanges become so popular?

Offline crypto-exchange products solve significant market problems! ⭐️

There are 2 main problems in the cryptocurrency market that need to be solved for better blockchain adoption. As you can see, both retail customers and entrepreneurs currently face many obstacles on many levels, but we claim that easy access to cryptocurrencies offline can make their lives easier.

Okay but finally tell me what are the problems?

Let’s dive deeper into the rabbit hole.

For retail users:

Imagine you want to buy your first satoshis for 1000 USD. The purchase process is always connected to complicated procedures, including giving out your private data, undergoing KYC verifications, and relying on third-party entities. There’s nothing wrong with that. There are upsides and downsides to traditional crypto buying methods, but not everyone wants to go through that process.

Some people want to get crypto instantly. They don’t want to wait:

  • until the money transfer arrives (1–3 days)
  • until the KYC process is completed (which can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1–2 days)
  • until customer support responds (let’s be honest, the customer support departments of most startups truly suck)

All of these things can make the process long, uncomfortable, and require sacrificing privacy. At a time when most of life is going online, people want to stay as much as possible offline. That’s why this offline crypto-exchange business will always exist.

For entrepreneurs:

The best companies are always built by launching products that solve customers’ real problems. If you’re an entrepreneur who sees a huge demand for offline crypto-exchange, you need to know that there are dozens of AML and KYC regulations you need to be aware of.

We’ll be honest: trying to launch an offline crypto-exchange business may take a long time (and you have a low chance of success). Instead of focusing on approaching customers, you’ll need to focus on meeting the regulatory framework.

Do we have a solution? 🤔

For Retail Users

Again. “Imagine you want to buy your first satoshis for 1000 USD. The purchase process is always connected to complicated procedures, including giving out your private data, undergoing KYC verifications, and relying on third-party entities” — and bla bla bla… forget it man!

Because these problems do not exist in crypto exchange offices cooperating with Ari10!

  • No need to wait for a support response,
  • crypto-cash exchange process taking only 10 minutes,
  • high privacy of users!

Wow! It’s a really good news for individual users! But won’t people prefer to use Bitcoin ATMs instead?

Stationary crypto exchange offices offer a convenient way for people to buy or sell cryptocurrencies in person, without the need for online transactions or using a Bitcoin ATM.

They can provide a more personalized, human approach to customer service, and in some cases, it may be possible to negotiate lower fees or commissions.

In addition, you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies without identity verification up to “a very decent amount” at stationary exchange offices in some countries.

Stationary crypto exchange offices are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in larger cities and capitals, and can provide an alternative to online exchanges or Bitcoin ATMs for those who prefer a more traditional, in-person experience.

For entrepreneurs:

Do you know what white-label solutions are?

“White label solutions refer to products or services that are created by one company for the purpose of being sold by another company under that company’s own unique branding”.

In other words, it works like this:

  • We provide the know-how to entrepreneurs,
  • they get all the tools, data, and information they need to meet the regulatory framework,
  • now, the only thing you need to focus on is getting customers so your company becomes profitable.

Ari10 Cryptoterminal products solve problems for both entrepreneurs and retail users.

Instead of thinking about regulations, you can focus on meetings with customers.

How does the offline crypto-exchange work?

All operations are run through by Ari10’s Cryptoterminal device. Cryptoterminal is a small (212x80x18 mm) and lightweight (346 g) terminal that fits virtually anywhere. It is a secure device for buying and selling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The terminal has a camera that acts as a QR code scanner, which allows the user to easily copy the wallet’s long address with just a few clicks. The terminal also has mobile Internet access via a SIM card, which is included in the package.

After completing a transaction, the customer receives a printout with a confirmation directly from the terminal.

What Ari10 gives to all the Cryptoterminal Partners? 📍

  1. KYC and AML documentation.
  2. In-real-life (IRL) educational events.
  3. A credit line to increase liquidity (there are no other companies offering this option).
  4. Regular webinar meetings.
  5. A know-how-exchange group for Cryptoterminal owners.
  6. New features (such as USD and EUR pairs, going live in 2023).

There are relatively few crypto exchange offices in Europe and the world. Individual companies, such as Coinsfera and NakitCoins, offer crypto-to-fiat exchange services, but people are starting to complain that there aren’t enough such locations in Europe and the world. Increasingly, entrepreneurs from abroad (Germany, Norway, and many others) are calling and asking how to set up exchange offices. We also have good news for them: we are introducing EUR and USD to Cryptoterminals.

Janusz Zieliński, Cryptoterminal Product Owner

(Read more here)

The Cryptoterminal landscape in Poland

The Cryptoterminal business in Poland is doing well. There are already a few companies serving clients, but Ari10 is leading the market by offering the best price conditions and professional service.

The company’s background of 60+ specialists speaks for itself, baby!

Meet our Partners!

But you don’t have to trust us that the Cryptoterminal business is that good. Let our partners to talk how is the cooperation with Ari10.

Crypto Exchange Office and Big Diamond 💠

Aleksander Klupczyński and Przemysław Ciarach

The first partner we want to introduce in this article is Aleksander Klupczyński, who recently won a special award for his overall achievement in cooperation with Ari10 and outstanding turnover in his cryptocurrency exchange. He finds that the Cryptoterminal business is the direction for the blockchain world, which is just developing and has great growth opportunities in the coming years.

By running my crypto exchange office in cooperation with Ari10, I have the opportunity to meet new conscious people and build a stable business — Aleksander adds.

His core business is a traditional-currency exchange office and jewellery store that both are located in Cracow.


Osa Invest: Health and… Wealth 🐝

You already know Piotr Szeniawski from our interview. He is also a successful entrepreneur who can set a good example for others. Recently, Piotr also received a special award for his contribution to the business. According to him, stationary exchange offices have a certain advantage over online exchange offices:

Clients appreciate the opportunity to consult on their concerns, about products they buy, with a “real” person, a specialist who is experienced in a particular business area. In this way, they dispel their doubts and become more confident in decisions they make. The more complex and difficult it is for people, the more likely they are to come in person.

He combines two businesses: a crypto exchange office and the OSA Sport Nutrition store, both located in one place, in Warsaw.


PS. as you can read in the examples above, you can run many businesses at the same time. Cryptoterminal gives you this opportunity. You don’t have to give up your current business to run your crypto exchange office! Ari10 has all the know-how!

How much can you earn? 💸

Most often, there are from a few to dozens of transactions each week, depending on the number of your clients and your marketing skills. Imagine earning 1000 PLN/250 USD per week, or having clients exchanging 15–30k USD.

Add your commission, and you can see how much you can earn.

Bright perspectives for the industry 💡

Stationary cryptocurrency exchange offices are an industry that, like any other cryptocurrency business, sees year-on-year increases. From the history of individuals operating on LocalBitcoins to specialized companies with legal know-how and experience in serving demanding clients, this market is young enough that it is still a niche and there is room for more players.

That’s why we have begun developing our product, which is aimed at B2B customers looking to increase their income without the need for specialized knowledge.

How to become the Ari10 Partner?

Starting an exchange office is a breeze. We made our solution specifically so that anyone can run it, even without any special knowledge. The interface is super easy to use, thanks to our software. It’ll take no time at all to get an employee up to speed. Plus, all the important stuff is automated, so the owner can save a ton of time.

As for getting into the business itself, we have a low one-time start-up cost and we work together to grow and earn a percentage of the commission. The start-up cost will pay for itself quickly, and there’s a refundable deposit of 800 PLN for the device.

If you want to join the group of over 130 people that are already earning with Ari10,

  1. Fill out the application form.
  2. Learn how to use the device.
  3. Open a stationary cryptocurrency exchange office.

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Bottom Line 📝

The blockchain cryptocurrency market is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down.

Companies are pouring resources into it, and more and more people are getting into it — investing, using it, and learning about it. It’s clear that this technology isn’t going anywhere.

For instance, companies are consistently increasing their spending on blockchain year after year, and the number of users and market capitalization are steadily growing as well.

To sum it up, the cryptocurrency market is still in its early stages and has a lot of room to grow. As technology and online exchanges continue to advance, people will likely still seek out alternatives like exchange offices to trade crypto and take advantage of their benefits.

There is still space for innovation!

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