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Artists + Machine Intelligence
This publication showcases collaborations with artists, researchers, and engineers as part of Google’s Artists + Machine Intelligence program.
Note from the editor

Works are developed together alongside artists’ current practices and shown at galleries, biennials, festivals, or online. By creating a platform for this emerging form of art-making, we hope to open both our research and the public conversation to new ways of thinking about intelligent systems.

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Kenric Allado-McDowell
Co-author Pharmako-AI. Co-editor Atlas of Anomalous AI. Co-founder @artwithMI . Opinions channeled. Thee/Thou
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Blaise Aguera y Arcas
Blaise Aguera y Arcas leads Google’s AI group in Seattle. He founded Seadragon, and was one of the creators of Photosynth at Microsoft.
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The Team at AMI
We bring together artists and engineers to realize projects with machine intelligence at Google.
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Ross Goodwin
not a poet | new forms & interfaces for written language, narrated reality, &c.
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Memo Akten
computational ar̹͒ti͙̕s̼͒t engineer curious philomath; nature ∩ science ∩ tech ∩ ritual; spirituality ∩ arithmetic; PhD AI×expressive human-machine interaction;
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Patrick Hebron
Founder of Machine Intelligence Design at Adobe. AI/ML, creative tools, programming languages & OSs of the future. O’Reilly Design author.
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Kyle McDonald
Artist working with code.
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Emily Glanz
software engineer
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Justin Manley
writer, artist, and software artisan
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Shubhang Desai
Passionate about Machine Learning, comics & EDM — Stanford 2020
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Tom White
Artist, researcher, and computational design lecturer at University of Wellington School of Design. Neural networks and creative coding. http://drib.net/
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Eva Kozanecka
Creative Director, Filmmaker. Currently @Google. Ex @MuseumModernArt @JWTNewYork
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Maya Man
artist and technologist, currently @Google Creative Lab www.mayaontheinter.net