Asana2Go: Interactive Tables

Larry Berger
Sep 6, 2019 · 3 min read
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Interactive Table created by Asana2Go

Asana2Go, the multi-purpose tool to flexibly copy, export and print from Asana (no affiliation), now offers powerful interactive features beyond those found in Asana’s List View.

Want to sort more flexibly by different columns than those currently offered by Asana, do multiple columns sorts, or even just sort descending? Looking for a responsive/adaptive list view to avoid truncation of your content and also make better use of the larger displays? Want to see My Tasks custom fields for multiple task rows at once?

Realize the full potential of Asana2Go with the Interactive Tables format, which lets you quickly see and interact with any selection of tasks from your My Tasks, projects, or search results, or even any of a task’s subtasks, in a powerful view that extends and combines Asana’s own List View and Task Detail pane.

With Asana2Go Interactive Tables you can now dynamically search/filter as you type, sort (multi-column, ascending/descending), and choose from 20 attribute columns to hide/show in a flexible, interactive, tabular view of your tasks that offers nearly all the content of Asana’s Task Detail pane.

Unlike other reporting solutions, Asana2Go is a Chrome extension coupled closely with Asana. This enables you to make selections in Asana and in seconds interact with your results. To use these results elsewhere, save as CSV, Excel, Print/PDF, or copy/paste.

Finally, Do What You’ve Been Asking For in Asana

Watch Screencast: Full Demo, Features and Benefits

Asana2Go: Interactive Tables Video

Asana2Go — Copy, Export and Print Flexibly From Asana

Asana2Go is a tool for both novices and experts to flexibly copy, export and print from Asana. If you’re unfamiliar, it only takes a moment to try it out. Or just have a look at this overview demo:

Asana2Go: What it Does and How to Use it Demo Video

Select from a Library of Standard Reports or Make Your Own

Interactive Tables is just one kind of output that Asana2Go can produce. Novices can select from close to 20 different outputs including lists, tables, CSVs, etc., Eisenhower Matrixes, projects dashboards/roll-ups and Mind Map import/export features. Experts can create their own custom output using the included authoring tool with data and language helpers and documentation.

For Asana consulting, integrations and custom development including custom Asana2Go reports, contact the author and get more info at Trilogi Solutions.

Trilogi Solutions: Asana Consulting

Asana Certified Pro consulting, training, integrations…

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