Weekly Report (Mar 16 — Mar 22)

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Technical Updates


  • The overall progress of Asch v1.5 was smooth.

Asch v1.5

  • Realized ByteBuffer.
  • Implementation of new features in smart contract syntax.
  • Fixed bugs during testing.
  • Optimized the efficiency of smart contract compilation, improved the compilation speed by 6–8 times.


  • AschPay 1.0 was officially submitted to the Chrome Web Store for review.

AschEx 1.0

  • Completed the migration of settlement contract in the real environment.
  • Completed the development of the interface for recharge and withdrawal.
  • Completed the integration of AschPay.

Marketing and Operations Updates

  • The 2019 ASCH·MIIX Global Blockathon is about to start. 2050 Conference is a grand gathering event of thousands of young generation held by Hangzhou Yunqi Science and Technology Innovation Foundation. ASCH·MIIX Global Blockathon is a sub-forum of the 2050 Conference, with the theme of “exploring the future autonomous communities and technological innovation in 2050”. It will invite 100 geeks, 10 technology communities, 20 technology leaders, 20 investors and 50 media from all over the world to create a large-scale geek development competition.
  • Exposure Draft for 101 Delegate Mechanism of ASCH Community” has been released, and we have received much feedback, the feedback collection will end by 31st March. ASCH’s decisions are related to every community member, hope everyone can actively participate in this important decision.
  • ASCH Team is about to launch the community restructuring and community expansion incentive program. At the same time, we are preparing for the trading competition on AschEx.

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