Token Holder Alpha & Jungle of Faces and Ki: The Regions of Bello Realm and the Augmentors that call them home

— community update, March 2nd 2018

Hey everyone,

March is already here and I have great news to share today!

Before I jump into introducing you to Jungle of Faces and Ki, two important things about Token Holder Alpha to share.

Token Holder Alpha dates:

Token Holder Alpha will take place from Thursday March 29th to Saturday March 31st. Friday March 30th is a holiday in many parts of the world giving some extra gameplay time :) !

Creatures to play in Token Holder Alpha:

You’ll be able to play any of the 5 starter creatures during Token Holder Alpha. You’ve already met Tundris, Markik and Sha. Ki is introduced in this post and the final starter creature will be introduced before Token Holder Alpha.

The rest of this Friday update is dedicated to Ki: our 4th starter creature,and one of the keepers of the mysterious jungle region in Bello Realm, Jungle of Faces.

If you missed my previous posts in this starter creature series, check them out first to get to know more about Tundris, Markik and Sha, who are part of the 5 starter creatures:

Jungle of Faces


The jungle is a mysterious expanse of thick forest, where faces of unborn Augmentors are known to appear and disappear in the dark undergrowth. The jungle is not to be entered without a guide, for once in it; it is impossible to find your way out. Ki is the creature who rules this dense region.



Ki is the Head of the Jungle of Faces, the Monkey King and a vigorous warrior. He has a strong appetite for heroism and dealing with any injustices right away. As you can see he is always ready to fight in order to protect his region, Jungle of Faces. You’ll need to tread carefully around Ki as it is hard to earn his respect.. However once you do, he will be a valuable friend to have by your side for the rest of your augmented journey. Ki knows that he is destined for great things and is ready to create his own legacy. Will Ki accompany you to your Augmentors journey? The choice is yours.

Now that you’ve met 4 of the 5 starter creatures: Tundris, Markik, Sha and Ki — who will be your first partner in battle during Token Holder Alpha? Let us know on Telegram and Twitter.

Thank you for your continued support and your feedback is always welcome.


About Augmentors

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