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“How Extremely Busy Executives Make Time To Be Great Parents”, With Dr. J Paul Rand

Engage the children at their level. Time spent in play, at their level (even right on the ground and carpet) is good for parents and children alike. Meanwhile, use recreation as a means to build a community of support with friends. But, also engage in community recreation with other dads and their kids giving kids valuable time to socialize and interact, giving dads a break with peers, all the while engaging in fun sports and recreation.

  1. Valued-Expectations: set guiding expectations around core values that define the culture of who your family is together as a working unit, keep schedules prioritized around those values.
  2. Be REAL: This does not mean burden children with things they do not need to know. Be real by respecting their age and role and discerning about what they need to hear, be exposed to, and influenced by our modern society. It is also a reminder about being real about the powerful technology tools you put in their hands, which was the focus of an interview on well-being I had with this outlet and another feature on developing health habits with technology in this outlet.
  3. Respect Family Roles: it is very important we support and champion parents and their contributions. Regardless of social, political, or other norms, working women should be supported in their professional pursuits if that’s the direction they pursue, just as stay-at-home fathers, too, should be appreciated.
  4. Be Dynamic, no matter how small: always be seeking what can you do to learn more, apply better, and position to support your family based on strengths of each member. Create a culture of leadership in your house that is positive, focused on always improving but balanced by respect and a few guiding principles outlined in detail in Dad-Job.
  • build bridges with other parents that share your family values;
  • create an ecosystem to serve as role models by engaging the community to change the world.



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