Liquidity Mining Campaign#2 Ends!

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1 min readSep 25, 2020


Thanks to all participants, the NIOX liquidity mining campaign, conducted on Uniswap, was a huge success. During the campaign period we saw the liquidity and volume soar to new highs.

The winners of campaign #2 are as follows:


  1. 0xa995c41881e42bd0b97fbd876282f3fe75a44a5c
  2. 0x96e9977261592a8099a65e41371a1dfb1aee993f
  3. 0xf174fea9482dfd401db9afea88d2c3ca662f4d86
  4. 0x5c768cd8d2bbc26086c2a159c3e5afe60ed72f23
  5. 0x2327d09bc8a65a4489a15da1fa7231c432c039c1
  6. 0xfbbfe572ca1bfa87f641b4474b94497979361688
  7. 0x7f9816c03756b7b3ebda3961998e1ec66762d11e
  8. 0x7fd30caa61242e4d03711e9c632bfc78a9d70b95
  9. 0x2954ba45fb4b5ca97674dbb4104f2e98e43bdcda
  10. 0xbd6f9e3ab6503babffa34f61f30c287ec5f166a9


  1. 0xc005fcbddebe8f62c6a659f93be21dd49cee5228
  2. 0x3ff23183a9c70665c14831e10cc6297b6ffd157c
  3. 0x78a37eefd78aba67e5bab9578421477789551245
  4. 0xce8b62e61bfabea08a0facf4d5aa153e302dc930
  5. 0xbf8c73ca501be9f3667c37eb261192a30949e07a
  6. 0x5c768cd8d2bbc26086c2a159c3e5afe60ed72f23
  7. 0x609902c8cecab024042a386a164cae6fddfc5fe9
  8. 0x13179d8c75d13e3695265b31aa81ba84a27853f4
  9. 0x3cbae805330c65d741f42fd86050bebbefb5e7d3
  10. 0x213cc48f1de9b90e749acb6a96c40e5648ce25ad

What next?

Reward distribution will be completed next week! We thank you for your participation and support! Head over to to participate in our on-going Liquidity mining campaign there.

Stay tuned for more details on the launch of our Earndrop campaign!

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