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Announcing the AWE Asia 2017 Auggie Award Winners

Winners announced at the third annual AWE Asia event in Beijing

The third annual AWE Asia wrapped up last month after being hosted in two cities in China: Beijing and Dongguan in partnership with ARA. The Beijing event, held at the China National Convention Center, ended with the Auggie Awards ceremony distinguishing three organizations as the best-of-the-best in AR and VR.

The annual Auggie Awards have been the most recognized industry AR & VR awards in the world since 2010. This year’s AWE Asia Auggie Awards were presented in three categories:

  • Best-of-Show Augmented Reality
  • Best-of-Show Virtual Reality
  • The ARA Creative Award

Last year’s Auggie Awards went to Shadow Creator, easyAR and Butterfly VR.

The 2017 AWE Asia Auggie Award for Best-in-Show Augmented Reality went to Joinpad. Since 2010, Joinpad has been developing Augmented Reality and Context Computing software solutions for the enterprise being 100% focused on the industrial field, having developed specific solutions in the following sectors: energy, transportation, telco, automotive and oil&gas with clients such as Siemens, ABB and T-Mobile.

The 2017 AWE Asia Auggie Award for Best-in-Show VR went to Ultron VR, a VR content design and development company, its headquarters are in Shanghai, China. Ultron VR has been offering complete hi-tech business solutions to clients, operating in sectors such as automobile, real estate, tourism and health-care and was selected for its driving simulation which was showcased on the expo floor at AWE Asia Beijing.

And finally the ARA Creative Award was presented to IVREAL, a Chongqing-based startup founded in 2016 which is providing cost-effective and time-efficient commercial mixed reality solutions including MR conference and MR live streaming.

A huge congrats to our three winners this year and to all of the participating organizations who were nominated for the 2017 AWE Asia Auggie Awards.




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