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3 min readJul 19, 2022


We recently announced the closure of another successful funding round of $4M that featured some of the most experienced names in web3 and we are proud to formally announce our partnership with one of the said investors, metaverse, and blockchain gaming experts — PathDAO.

About PathDAO

PathDAO is a gaming DAO focused on building and improving blockchain gaming by creating value for investors and players, aiming to solve problems with unsustainable game economy design, distribution, and access to games in web3. Their $16M treasury consists of NFT assets & governance token investments of games, and stablecoins to support the web3 games strategically, financially, and operationally. PathDAO operates the largest Malaysian Gaming Guild with 41k members and 7k+ active gamers and has co-invested in >50 rising games with notable investors. Such investments include Genopets and Rebel Bots.

Beyond strategic capital, PathDAO provides a complementary product ecosystem for gamers, one of which is a unique offering in the form of a SocialFi Platform built to onboard games & gamers to web3 by providing a space for gamers to socialize, create content, find other skilled gamers, take micro-loans, and search through web3 games while allowing game developers to reach a growing and high-engaged player base of currently over 7,000 gamers.

DAO governance and community are at the heart of PathDAO. The DAO is open to everyone and holders of the native $PATH token can have a say in directing the future of the DAO and participate in voting on proposals over on their decentralized voting dApp. However, the $PATH token is more than just a governance token, it also acts as gated access for giveaways or potential airdrops and holders can also stake their tokens on both Ethereum and layer 2 option Polygon, both offering impressive yields from numerous pools. All of this is incredibly easy to navigate on the impressive PathDAO dApp which hosts some great features such as access treasury information, Polygon bridge, tokenomics, and more.

Azuro x PathDAO

PathDAO has seen the true potential in the solution Azuro has brought to the betting industry and the potential use cases it has for web3 and especially GameFi. PathDAO’s multi-faceted project means there are many potential avenues for both projects to benefit from working together with Azuro standing to gain from spectator spend in competitive games in PathDAO’s portfolio — effectively creating betting pools natively in games and on the PathDAO platform itself.

“Betting is a half a trillion-dollar industry globally, and Azuro is paving the way for decentralized betting. Already grossing 400k txns on testnet, the team’s approach to solving LP risks, UX, and market availability is backed by ex-founders in sports betting media, payments & crypto.”

Jansen Teng, CEO of PathDAO

This is the start of a great partnership that we hope will enrich the betting and gaming experiences for players and builders of web3 and the metaverse.

About Azuro

Azuro is the base layer for decentralized betting. The layer where betting markets are priced, created, and made liquid. This is achieved through mixing 3 of crypto’s main primitives: Prediction Markets, NFTs, and DAO governance, plus a new Liquidity Pool design, called the Liquidity Tree.

The result is a slick betting feed with thousands of liquid markets, a rich feature set, and a clean UX.

Apps built on top of Azuro can now provide a viable decentralized alternative to traditional online bookmakers (a.k.a. sportsbooks). As a result, Azuro envisions a rich, fun betting environment with decreased cost of service to players, full transparency, community-run, and a commitment to responsibility.

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