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Babylon is a community-led asset management protocol that enables users to create investment clubs (we call them gardens) and invest in DeFi together. It’s built on the Ethereum network and it’s non-custodial, transparent, permission-less, and governed by the community. BABL is the governance token behind it.

UPDATED April 11th, 2022 — Added support for crypto & factory curve pools (new in bold)

In the last two weeks, we added support for more than 30 Curve pools and +20 Convex pools. Today, we expand our DeFi offerings with +50 different Yearn Vaults, including curve-based vaults.

We are working hard to provide our investment clubs and their members a way to combine Defi primitives — no code required — to generate wealth and share them with others.

👨‍🌾 Yearning for more

Yearn Finance is a suite of products in Decentralized Finance that provides yield generation, lending aggregation, and more on the blockchain. Yearn is a core protocol, with approximately $4B in TVL.

Now, strategists within Babylon will be able to create strategies that leverage Yearn Vaults (v2) to generate wealth. These strategies will accrue extra BABL rewards on top of existing yearn vault rewards.

We are happy to announce that we now support 55 yearn vaults (v2).

🧙‍♂️ How to Create a Curve + Yearn Strategy

In Babylon, you can combine different primitives from other DeFi protocols to create your own DeFi strategy. No code is required.

Here is a video of how to create a strategy within Babylon:

Here are specific steps to create a strategy that first adds liquidity to a curve pool and then deposits the LP token into a Yearn vault.

  1. Click on create strategy button within your garden 🌴
  2. Add a first DeFi Operations : Add Liquidity ->Curve
Pick your favorite pool 💰

3. Add a second Defi Operation: Stake -> Yearn (or Convex)

4. Select the desired vault


📖 Vaults List

The following direct vaults are now available on Babylon:

  • yvUSDT — 0x7Da96a3891Add058AdA2E826306D812C638D87a7
  • yvDAI — 0xdA816459F1AB5631232FE5e97a05BBBb94970c95
  • yvTUSD — 0xFD0877d9095789cAF24c98F7CCe092fa8E120775
  • yvUSDC — 0xa354F35829Ae975e850e23e9615b11Da1B3dC4DE
  • yvLUSD — 0x378cb52b00F9D0921cb46dFc099CFf73b42419dC
  • yv1INCH — 0xB8C3B7A2A618C552C23B1E4701109a9E756Bab67
  • yvWBTC — 0xA696a63cc78DfFa1a63E9E50587C197387FF6C7E
  • yvUNI — 0xFBEB78a723b8087fD2ea7Ef1afEc93d35E8Bed42
  • yvSNX — 0xF29AE508698bDeF169B89834F76704C3B205aedf
  • yvLINK — 0x671a912C10bba0CFA74Cfc2d6Fba9BA1ed9530B2
  • yvWETH — 0xa258C4606Ca8206D8aA700cE2143D7db854D168c
  • yvAAVE — 0xd9788f3931Ede4D5018184E198699dC6d66C1915
  • yvCOMP — 0x4A3FE75762017DB0eD73a71C9A06db7768DB5e66
  • yvSUSHI — 0x6d765CbE5bC922694afE112C140b8878b9FB0390
  • yvYFI — 0xdb25cA703181E7484a155DD612b06f57E12Be5F0

The following Curve based vaults are now supported:

  • Curve 3Crypto Pool yVault — 0xE537B5cc158EB71037D4125BDD7538421981E6AA
  • Curve Curve cvxCRV Pool yVault — 0x4560b99C904aAD03027B5178CCa81584744AC01f
  • Curve HBTC Pool yVault — 0x625b7DF2fa8aBe21B0A976736CDa4775523aeD1E
  • Curve USDK Pool yVault — 0x3D27705c64213A5DcD9D26880c1BcFa72d5b6B0E
  • Curve Pax Pool yVault — 0x80bbeE2fa460dA291e796B9045e93d19eF948C6A
  • Curve Aave Pool yVault — 0x39CAF13a104FF567f71fd2A4c68C026FDB6E740B
  • Curve USDT Pool yVault — 0x28a5b95C101df3Ded0C0d9074DB80C438774B6a9
  • Curve mUSD Pool yVault — 0x8cc94ccd0f3841a468184aCA3Cc478D2148E1757
  • Curve USDP Pool yVault — 0xC4dAf3b5e2A9e93861c3FBDd25f1e943B8D87417
  • Curve MIM Pool yVault — 0x2DfB14E32e2F8156ec15a2c21c3A6c053af52Be8
  • Curve RSV Pool yVault — 0xC116dF49c02c5fD147DE25Baa105322ebF26Bd97
  • Curve 3pool yVault — 0x84E13785B5a27879921D6F685f041421C7F482dA
  • Curve Iron Bank Pool yVault — 0x27b7b1ad7288079A66d12350c828D3C00A6F07d7
  • Curve GUSD Pool yVault — 0x2a38B9B0201Ca39B17B460eD2f11e4929559071E
  • Curve stETH Pool yVault — 0xdCD90C7f6324cfa40d7169ef80b12031770B4325
  • Curve Y Pool yVault — 0x4B5BfD52124784745c1071dcB244C6688d2533d3
  • Curve renBTC Pool yVault — 0x7047F90229a057C13BF847C0744D646CFb6c9E1A
  • Curve LUSD Pool yVault — 0x5fA5B62c8AF877CB37031e0a3B2f34A78e3C56A6
  • Curve alUSD Pool yVault — 0xA74d4B67b3368E83797a35382AFB776bAAE4F5C8
  • Curve SAAVE Pool yVault — 0xb4D1Be44BfF40ad6e506edf43156577a3f8672eC
  • Curve USDN Pool yVault — 0x3B96d491f067912D18563d56858Ba7d6EC67a6fa
  • Curve FRAX Pool yVault — 0xB4AdA607B9d6b2c9Ee07A275e9616B84AC560139
  • Curve TUSD Pool yVault — 0xf8768814b88281DE4F532a3beEfA5b85B69b9324
  • Curve Compound Pool yVault — 0xD6Ea40597Be05c201845c0bFd2e96A60bACde267
  • Curve DUSD Pool yVault — 0x30FCf7c6cDfC46eC237783D94Fc78553E79d4E9C
  • Curve BUSD Pool yVault — 0x6Ede7F19df5df6EF23bD5B9CeDb651580Bdf56Ca
  • Curve MIM-UST yVault — 0xd8C620991b8E626C099eAaB29B1E3eEa279763bb
  • Curve ankrETH Pool yVault — 0x132d8D2C76Db3812403431fAcB00F3453Fc42125
  • Curve tBTC Pool yVault — 0x23D3D0f1c697247d5e0a9efB37d8b0ED0C464f7f
  • Curve BBTC Pool yVault — 0x8fA3A9ecd9EFb07A8CE90A6eb014CF3c0E3B32Ef
  • Curve oBTC Pool yVault — 0xe9Dc63083c464d6EDcCFf23444fF3CFc6886f6FB
  • Curve pBTC Pool yVault — 0x3c5DF3077BcF800640B5DAE8c91106575a4826E6
  • Curve crvETH Pool yVault — 0x6A5468752f8DB94134B6508dAbAC54D3b45efCE6
  • Curve cvxETH Pool yVault — 0x1635b506a88fBF428465Ad65d00e8d6B6E5846C3
  • Curve sUSD Pool yVault — 0x5a770DbD3Ee6bAF2802D29a901Ef11501C44797A
  • Curve oUSD yvVault — 0xF59D66c1d593Fb10e2f8c2a6fD2C958792434B9c
  • Curve ibBTC yvVaylt — 0x5e69e8b51B71C8596817fD442849BD44219bb095
  • Curve YFI/ETH yvVault — 0x790a60024bC3aea28385b60480f15a0771f26D09

🧠 Become a Strategist on Babylon

As a strategist, you would receive up to 10% of the profits (varies per garden) + 10% BABL rewards. More about BABL rewards in the Mining Program.

If you haven’t had a chance to use Babylon yet, please head to the website and take a look. We are still in private Beta but the public launch is imminent (March 15h).

You can visit Babylon here.
Join our Discord to learn more.

#Let’s DeFi Together

㊙️ If you need a beta invite, you may be able to snatch one by asking other members in Discord



Ramon Recuero

Founder of Babylon.finance. Previously at Y Combinator, Zynga, Google and OpenZeppelin.