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Announcing Bankless DAO 🏴

The revolution will not be banked.


Our mission: to help the world go bankless.

Bankless media vs Bankless DAO

The Bankless media team has always seen ourselves as a catalyst and steward (along with many others) of the bankless mission. It has grown the movement through memes and media, including a popular newsletter and podcast. Bankless LLC is now a fully operational media studio with revenue, expenses, and employees.

Media entities could include groups like Bankless LLC, Bankless FR, and Bankless RU. Individuals could include individual content producers, writers, and educators. The DAO decides.

A new governance token called BANK will facilitate this coordination.


  • BANK on Etherscan
  • Token Contract Address: 0x2d94aa3e47d9d5024503ca8491fce9a2fb4da198
  • Name: Bankless Token
  • Ticker: BANK
  • Decimals: 18
1 billion people. 1 billion BANK.

Distribution of BANK

A retroactive allocation of BANK will go to those that have already participated in the bankless community. The rest will go to the Bankless DAO treasury. Here’s the genesis distribution:

  • 30% Treasury distribution (liquid)
  • 40% vesting Treasury distribution (vested linearly over 3-years)

BANK Token Distribution at Genesis:

Retroactive Distribution

The retroactive allocation will distribute 30% of the total BANK supply to Bankless community participants largely via verifiable on-chain actions. The snapshot for all eligible addresses was taken on May 4th, 2021 at 12am EST.

  • 2021 Badge Holders — Fixed distribution for all 2021 badge holders.
  • Gitcoin Grants — Anyone who has donated $0.95 or more to the Bankless Gitcoin Grants distributed pro-rata based on the amount donated.
  • BAPs — Early adopters of rare Bankless merch (BAP0’s)
  • Premium Members (off-chain) — Snapshot of Bankless Substack premium subscribers. This allocation will be distributed pro-rata based on “unique emails seen” as calculated by Substack on May 1st. The distribution will occur after 30 days of ETH address collecting.

Future BANK Issuance

BANK will include an on/off issuance switch of 2% per year of the total supply governed by BANK holders as an optional growth stimulus. All tokens from issuance will accrue to the community treasury.

Community Treasury

🔒Official Address: Banklessvault.eth

  • David Hoffman: 0x25468E86ED8eC296de39FcB798C7f212924443AB
  • Lucas Campbell: 0x35EA12472d6fb21A9dB24B397AA2775D332C14B7
  • Nate Welch: 0xec3281124d4c2fca8a88e3076c1e7749cfecb7f2
  • David Mihal: 0x8f73be66ca8c79382f72139be03746343bf5faa0
  • Anthony Sassano: 0x648aA14e4424e0825A5cE739C8C68610e143FB79
  • Andrew Hong: 0x2ae8c972fb2e6c00dded8986e2dc672ed190da06

BANK Seasons

BANK will operate in 1–3 month distribution campaigns called “seasons” with the goal of driving participation and functionality to the Bankless community.

Bankless Genesis

At genesis, the BANK token will provide:

Bankless Season 0

Season 0 will start at Genesis and serve as a 1 month bootstrap period. This season will include:

Bankless Season 1 and Beyond…

Ideas for future seasons will come from the Bankless community, starter ideas from the Genesis Team include:

  • Rabbithole campaign. Collaborate with Rabbithole to create seasonal campaigns to level up in crypto and DeFi. (Education)
  • Discord contribution. BANK distributed to Bankless discord contributors pro-rata based on SourceCred scores. (Culture).

Join the Bankless DAO

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Claim your BANK (if eligible)
  2. Join the Discord
  • David Hoffman
  • Lucas Campbell
  • Michael Wong
  • Mariano Conti
  • James Montgomery
  • David Mihal
  • Nate Welch
  • Reuben Bramanathan


Who’s eligible for the Retroactive Distribution?

The following are eligible to claim BANK tokens now:



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