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If you have BANK tokens it’s because you’ve participated in the bankless movement. For more details on how to claim Bankless tokens and who’s eligible go here.

Once you’ve claimed your BANK tokens it’s time to participate in the DAO.

This is your guide.

What this guide covers:

  1. How to Join the Bankless DAO
  2. Accessing Bankless Discord
  3. Adding your skills and getting involved
  4. Voting on Proposals
  5. Proposing new initiatives

1. How to Join the Bankless DAO at Genesis

If you have a Bankless Badge from 2020 or 2021 you can join the Bankless DAO at genesis. Those who’ve owned BAPs or given to Bankless Gitcoin grants in the past also have the ability to join at genesis.

For genesis eligibility details check the criteria at the bottom of the announcement post.

Here’s how to join and participate in the genesis season of the Bankless DAO.

1. Read the announcement post. Scroll to the end and see if you have an Ethereum address that fits under the Retroactive Distribution eligibility criteria. (Hint: any address that holds a 2020 or 2021 badge is eligible!)

2. Claim BANK tokens. If you have an Ethereum address that meets the eligibility requirements in announcement post go to the Bankless DAO website, connect your wallet using Metamask or WalletConnect, and claim BANK participation tokens.

Note: BANK tokens are valueless tokens — they are only used for access to the DAO discord and to vote in DAO proposals.

After you’ve connected an eligible wallet you can claim BANK

3. Join the Discord. The Bankless DAO discord is where DAO members congregate to discuss the talents they can bring to the DAO as well as to coordinate around governance and proposals. This discord requires a specified amount of BANK tokens to access all the channels.

With 35k BANK the discord members section will magically open up to you.

4. Share your skills. Step up. Tell the DAO how you can help it achieve its mission. When you join the Bankless Discord go to the #intros channel and share your skills and how you can contribute to the DAO. We expect the DAO to need developers, planners, writers, content producers, analysts, meme artists, and community managers and who knows what else!

After joining discord the #intros channel is your first stop…ask not what the DAO can do for you, ask what you can do for the DAO

5. Vote on Genesis Proposal. After claiming BANK and joining the discord you can vote in governance proposals. The first item for vote is the Genesis Proposal which has been put forward by RSA and David Hoffman. Read the proposal and vote YES or NO using SnapShot.

Should the DAO approve the Bankless DAO Genesis Proposal…YES or NO? You vote.

👉 Read Genesis Proposal

2. Accessing Bankless Discord

The Bankless DAO Discord Channel is the core communication and coordination hub for the organization. Joining the Discord is the first step you can make towards helping the DAO succeed. But in order to access, you must hold 35,000 BANK.

Here’s how to join:

  1. Get BANK
  2. Join the Discord
  3. Follow the instructions in #Start-Here discord channel
  4. You’ll be required to connect your wallet & verify your BANK holdings
  5. That’s it! You’re in!

After you join discord as a Member stop by the #intros channel to share your skills and what you can contribute to the DAO.

New channels will unlock for you as you participate in the DAO. Initially, there are three levels of discord channel access.

  • Level 1: Member (35,000 BANK)
  • Level 2: Contributor (35,000 BANK + Invitation by Genesis Team)
  • Level 3: Whale (150,000 BANK)

We expect new access levels to be added and existing levels to be reconfigured over time. The overall goal of discord access stratification is to reward participation and curate the community into smaller squads who are accountable for key deliverables.

3. Adding your skills and getting involved

There’s no shortage of opportunity for the right people. The DAO will need content creators, media nodes, designers, builders, and people to manage all of these projects.

At genesis we want to learn more about your skills — what can you do for the DAO? Start by introducing yourself and sharing details about your talents to the #intros channel.

Then, start doing something for the DAO. Don’t wait to be told what to do. Jump in a write, build, create. When something you do aligns with the mission of the DAO it will find ways to reward your participation.

Some potential needs at genesis:

  • Community Managers (Discord moderation + support + weekly mtgs)
  • Twitter Meme Lord (shared control over the Bankless DAO twitter)
  • Substack writer for weekly DAO updates (weekly updates on substack)

4. Voting on Proposals

BANK represents the right to vote on governance proposals. All the proposal’s brainstorming, discussions, and signaling will occur in the Discord’s #proposal Section. You can monitor any new proposals that move to an on-chain Snapshot vote in the #snapshot-votes channel.

Here’s how to vote:

  1. Head to the Bankless DAO Snapshot
  2. Connect your wallet that holds BANK
  3. View active proposals
  4. Read, consider, and vote!

5. Proposing new initiatives

Initially governance proposals will start as discussions in the #proposals channel or through ideas generated on community calls. From there, any good initial ideas and initiatives can be shown support by reacting to the message with an 🔥 emoji along with an encompassing discussion.

If there’s a significant amount of support or discussions around the topic, the author(s) can draft up a more formalized spec. Once written, a moderator will open up a specific channel for that discussion, signaling, amends and more.

During the first 30 days post launch, the primary focus of the DAO is on genesis distribution and planning for Season 1.

We expect to adopt best practices from other DAO communities to evolve our governance into the most optimal system.



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