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Battle Racers
The latest news from Battle Racers, a blockchain arcade racing game on Decentraland.
Note from the editor

Battle Racers is an action-packed arcade game where you design, build, and race model cars on arcade-sized tracks on Decentraland. You can mix and match parts and weapons to create your perfect car, then use its combat skills to beat other players to the finish line. We use Medium to post all our latest news, developer diaries, sneak peeks, and more. To chat with us, join our Discord community at https://discord.gg/gfEPSra . Thanks for reading!

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Luna Javier
Creative Director and Co-Founder of Altitude Games. Http://www.lunajavier.com
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Altitude Games
Game studio behind Battle Racers, Kung Fu Clicker, Dream Defense, and Run Run Super V
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Gabby Dizon
15 year game industry veteran. Chairman, Alto.io; CEO, Altitude Games
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