Eager Electron 5.3.10396 — Release Notes

Beam Privacy
BEAM Privacy
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2 min readFeb 18, 2021


Release Date: 18th February

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TL;DR Release Highlights:

  • Dreams come true: atomic swaps with ETH, USDT, WBTC and DAI straight from your wallet. Fully decentralized, no KYC, no entry fee.


  • Atomic Swaps screen: introduced a loading animation while the offers are loading.
  • Every node-related error message is now accompanied with the “Save logs” button to save your time when contacting Beam support team.

Known Limitations:

  • When using active laser beam channels the CLI wallet should not be offline for over 24 hours
  • Once generated, do not offer the same offline address to multiple senders of payments

Points to Mention:

  • Upon using Atomic Swap with ETH, DAI, WBTC , USDT users will have to create and account on Infura
  • Offline transaction and Max Privacy transaction fees are higher than Mimblewimble transactions and start from 0.01 BEAM per UTXO. The receiver pays their fee (per coin) when the coin is withdrawn from the shielded pool.
  • The sender of funds to a receiver’s Public Offline Address might be able to know that those funds are later being used by the receiver. Beam wallet and Beam explorer do not expose such functionality but it’s possible to derive this information by analyzing the Blockchain.

For a more comprehensive list of the tasks accomplished please read here: https://github.com/BeamMW/beam/projects/31

Verifying release binaries

PGP key: “A6C6 2C9F 5593 1860 AFF8 3BBB 997E AB9F 3DF7 F375”

  1. Go to https://keybase.io/beammw and get the Public PGP key.
  2. Download the signed binary file (with extension .asc) you want to verify.
  3. Verify the signature using PGP Suite or any other PGP verification tools

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