Introducing BeamX: Privacy-by-Default & Maximum Confidentiality DeFi ecosystem!

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4 min readJul 2, 2021


The long-awaited and long-anticipated (much wow!) BeamX is here!

BeamX is a smart contract enabled DeFi layer built on top of the Beam blockchain.

Beam is a privacy-by-default and maximum confidentiality blockchain that conceals wallets & transactions metadata using privacy protocols such as Mimblewimble, Lelantus-MW & Dandelion.

BeamX brings an all-new privacy-by-default and maximum confidentiality DeFi ecosystem, powered by the BEAMX token & governed by the BeamX DAO (by that we mean all of you ❤️ reading this!). BeamX is composed of the core building blocks for a privacy-by-default and maximum confidentiality DeFi ecosystem.

Why is blockchain privacy important? Why is it necessary? Why should you care? What is Beam doing about it? Learn more here as we highlight some core problems in non-private blockchains.

BEAMX (the DAO!)

The BeamX DAO will bring sovereign community governance and DAPP profit sharing for stakeholders to the BeamX DeFi ecosystem! This is aligned with Beam’s plan to transition Beam Foundation’s governance to the BeamX DAO. The DAO will be governed by the BEAMX governance token (which also happens to be a confidential asset! Shh!)


Beamers are a global community of developers, technologists, researchers, and privacy activists that maintain, develop, and promote the right to financial privacy. Any member of the community that can bring value to the BeamX DeFi ecosystem (looking at you devs and users 😉) will be able to submit a proposal to the BeamX DAO.


Beamers can transparently review, suggest feedback, and vote on proposals that are most valuable to the BeamX ecosystem. The voting will be conducted through a dedicated governance DAPP directly from the BeamX wallet. The voting cycle occurs roughly every 2 weeks or 20,160 Blocks.

In the not-so-distant future, Beamers will be able to vote on all aspects of the ecosystem through ownership of the BeamX governance token, as we take gradual steps to decentralize the BeamX protocol.

Voters’ choices, identity, and holdings are fully confidential, as Beam does not store such information on the blockchain (which means your wallets can’t be tagged or monitored!)

Love BAOs (I mean…DAOs?) Read more about the BeamX DAO here ;)

BeamX (the ecosystem!)

The BeamX Confidential DeFi ecosystem comes ready for users to play with and for devs to build awesome DAPPs for the BeamX ecosystem.

For users, BeamX comes equipped with numerous features such as a dedicated DAPP store, the pre-built Faucet DAPP that gives users small amounts of free BEAM to play around in the BeamX ecosystem!

For devs, in the near future, the Beam Team is bringing a full DeFi stack (stablecoins, oracles & bridges), partnerships with leading AMM & Lending platforms, and more!

Other incentives for BeamX ecosystem growth include:

  1. Total 63% of BeamX token supply is reserved for liquidity mining, ecosystem development & growth.
  2. BeamX token emission is engineered to mitigate pump & dumps and big whale sell-offs by restricting investor & foundation token emission, behind lengthy lock-up and vesting periods.
  3. A dedicated DAPP team to develop DAPPs, support BeamX DAPPs developers & prepare tech documentation, debugging tools, etc.

BEAMX (the token!)

BeamX is the DAO governance token for the BeamX DeFi platform. BeamX will be obtainable through participation in DAO activities, by providing liquidity to the DeFi applications governed by the DAO, or by participating in the governance process (Vote to improve the ecosystem & earn free BeamX! How’s that?).

Users will also be able to farm BeamX by staking BEAM tokens.

BeamX Token Distribution:

  • Adoption & Liquidity Mining: 36%
  • Investors: 20%
  • Development Funds: 20%
  • Foundation: 17%
  • Ecosystem Partners: 7%


Sounds exciting? You ain’t seen nothing yet! Beamers have loads of awesome features to look forward to in 2021! Check out our comprehensive BeamX 2021 roadmap to see what else is coming! (Spoilers: DAPPs, Bridges, NFTs, and more 😉 )

Come discover Beam and join the community!

Download Beam Desktop Wallet here
Download Beam iOS Wallet on App Store
Download Beam Android Wallet on Google Play
Learn more about Beam on our website and blog
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