Meet BEAM Ambassadors #9 — Agbona Igwemoh — Lagos, Nigeria

As an integral part of our Blog, Beam is highlighting the fantastic Ambassadors helping us, day-after-day, build a fairer future where both paradigms of privacy and financial value are protected for individuals. Let’s meet Agbona Igwemoh!

Who are you?

I am a tech entrepreneur who, for the past one and the half-year has ventured full throttle into the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, with the aim of being part of a disruptive project. A part-time crypto trader, but in the light of the recent bear market, I am presently far from day trading, and you’d understand why. After college, my first job was as a copywriter for a startup, and that has been a blessing to me, as I learned critical thinking by writing, After two years, I ventured into the entrepreneurial space, where I picked up a couple of soft skills, what I call survival skills.

Initially, all I wanted to do as an entrepreneur was to make money and be rich, but as I grew older and became more aware of my environment as an African, I realized that a world-class education is a privilege, and the average person is barely educated. Then I realized that there is a lot of work to be done in school about my present environment. This naturally made me thankful for what I have, and who I have become, and I will do my very best to bring a positive change to my world, one day at a time.

Why Beam?

I am a firm believer in technology as a driver for change and transparency, and that is everything Beam stands for, unfortunately, not all privacy tokens are genuinely private. Having used and interacted with some cryptocurrencies, Beam is the first privacy blockchain project that could fix the scalability and privacy challenges platforms like Bitcoin, and Ethereum faces, thanks to the Mimblewimble protocol.

Having been through thorough examination by academics and cryptographers for the past two years, the Mimblewimble protocol appears to be the solution that will lead blockchain technology to be adopted by the masses. And I see Beam playing a significant role in trade and commerce in Africa.

What do you enjoy working on?

Have you ever met someone excited to go to the market? And by the market, I mean every sort of markets there is. Seeing the candlesticks on the Binance trading platform excites me, going to the local markets here in Nigeria to make purchases or supply vendors with my offline products, excites me. Anything commerce and trade excite me, and above all, talking about my experiences either in forms of writing or at events excites me as well.

Nigeria is the 7th most populated country in the world, with a population of about 200 Million people. This means that Nigeria is a ready-made market, that’s why tech companies like Uber, Facebook, Google, YCombinator and a host of them are flooding into the country, as the middle-class population is growing, which means more and more people have disposable cash. So, business development is at the core of the things I work on; there is always an opportunity to explore and develop.

On the side note, I love seeing new places, visiting art galleries, and attending meet-up events where information and knowledge are dispersed.

I love traveling too, there are 36 states in Nigeria, and I have visited about 26 of them, in the coming years, I will like to go around the world, where I can experience new cultures, meet new people, and taste different intercontinental dishes.

What do you want to see in a privacy-oriented digital world?

Recently, the activities of a Bitcoin wallet revealed transactions of an excess of $1billion was recorded. This goes to prove that currencies like Bitcoin are not fungible. And this goes against everything money stands for. Unfortunately, the world we live in today, user’s information are sold without their consent, companies like Facebook and Google know all the places we’ve slept in for the past ten years.

With solutions like Beam, users can honestly feel safe as they can be sure that prying eyes are not monitoring their transactions. I want to see a world where people don’t feel monitored, or watched, where people are genuinely free.

Why should someone become a Beam Ambassador?

Coinmarketcap currently estimates that there are 2071 cryptocurrency projects out there, and for me, Beam is one of the few projects that ticks all the right boxes. Product market fit — demand for privacy coins, interoperability with Bitcoin which will ease adoption, a competent team, and the proper funding.

If you’re interested in getting in on the ground floor, the Ambassador program is an opportunity to do that.

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