Bright Boson 2.1, iOS — Release Notes

Release date: April 30th, 2019

General notes

  • This is the second release of official Beam Mainnet wallet for iOS with numerous improvements our customers had asked for

Supported Platforms

  • All devices running iOS 11.0 and higher


  • Fingerprint to securely save your time of typing the password
  • Privacy mode: sending money face-to-face and don’t want to show your balance? Tap the little eye icon and make the balances “disappear” till you’ll toggle the icon again
  • When sending beam the total available balance will be shown
  • Typing your seed phrase got faster: the suggestions for its words got smarter after 4 characters at most
  • Wipe your transactions history with a single click
  • Connect to a specific node is supported now. If the specified node is configured with the same seed_phrase as the wallet, that node always monitors the blockchain for UTXOs related to the seed of the wallet the balance. Therefore, even if transactions occurred with a different wallet (initialized with the same seed phrase) the balance and UTXO will always be up to date. Read about the node configuration here


  • A transaction ID is displayed in extended transaction details along with Kernel ID. A transaction ID is generated during wallets handshake, at the later stage Kernel ID is generated when a transaction is registered with the blockchain.

For a more comprehensive list of the tasks accomplished please read here.

Known limitations and workarounds

  • When sending beams from mobile to desktop wallet, the QR code scanning works from desktop wallet version 2.0
  • Restore flow (which requires integrated or dedicated node) is currently implemented on desktop only, hence to restore mobile funds use a desktop wallet with the same seed the mobile wallet was created with.
  • In case a mobile wallet is connected to a random node and the user has both mobile and desktop wallets which are using the same seed phrase, the funds sent to the desktop wallet won’t appear on the mobile wallet. If the desktop wallet is running a local node, it will see funds sent to both wallets. The reason is that the local node (integrated into the desktop wallet) always monitors the blockchain for UTXOs related to the seed of the wallet. The mobile wallet does not run a local node and thus can only monitor transactions sent to its specific SBBS addresses. Of course, no funds will be lost in any event.
  • If multiple wallets are restored from the same seed phrase, transaction history and addresses will not be shared among the wallets.

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