Beamswap monthly recap #26

Major upgrades to Beamswap v3 DeFi hub, enhanced farm rewards, UI update, and a trading challenge to top it all off.

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6 min readMar 6, 2024


🤝 Partnerships


The second month of the year started by reaping the fruits of previously started initiatives.

After partnering with one of the most notable growth and marketing movements in the Polkadot space in the last few weeks, DOT is PINK, Beamswap’s Proposal for $PINK Allocation was approved on the Moonbeam Network community forum.

Beamswap’s strategy was designed to enhance the native liquidity of PINK on Moonbeam, prompting users to engage with Moonbeam and leverage connected contracts for buying or selling PINK.

Plus, it would incentivize stGLINT token holders to increase staking on the platform, grow the community of users with the platforms’ revenue share, and improve the liquidity of BLP tokens on Beamex to boost the number of swaps and positions.

We’re excited to be a part of the Pink Team’s initiative and grow the Polkadot ecosystem with joint forces.

Dive into more details of Beamswap’s Proposal on the Moonbeam Community Forum. 👇

📈 Beamswap v3

🟣 Beamswap Yield Booster

Great things have also been achieved on the backbone of the Beamswap DeFi hub.

After weeks of development and testing, the Beamswap Yield Booster (Vote) feature was launched! 🚀

Thanks to Yield Booster, you can bring their farming game to a whole new level simply by using stGLINT tokens to pump up rewards in your pools of choice on Beamswap.

Learn more about the Yield Booster feature and how to use it to your advantage. 👇

More updates related to improved yields are yet to follow, so stay tuned and never miss an opportunity to boost your crops. 🌱

🟣 Beamswap’s Chef v3 Upgrade

The coding work didn’t stop in the Farm backyard, and we had another surprise for the Beamswap community.

Enter Beamswap’s Beamchef V3 smart contracts upgrade.

While it may not seem like an eye-popping change to a random user, it actually introduces significant enhancements to the platform functionalities:

1️⃣ Gas improvements for lower transaction costs and better swap rates lead to a smoother and more cost-effective trading experience

2️⃣ Enhanced stGLINT rate control in Yield Farms maximizes yield farming potential

3️⃣ Upcoming support for Yield Booster and future products introduces more reward-earning opportunities on Beamswap

The smart contract update also led to improved Yield Farms on Beamswap, meaning that users should migrate their assets to the newly upgraded farms to maximize their yields. But there’s nothing to worry about, the process of migration was simplified to only a few clicks.

Learn more about the upgrade and farm migration. 👇

If you haven’t done so yet, migrate to new farms today and start reaping greater DeFi benefits with Beamswap. 🚜


🟣 V3 Liquidity UI update

Yes, much has been happening on the back end, but we haven’t neglected the UI in the process.

With the latest V3 Liquidity UI Update, users can enjoy a seamless and refined liquidity management experience under one roof.

The multitude of tabs was replaced by a cleaner palette, allowing users to add V3 liquidity much faster and easier than before.

Learn more about the UI update. 👇

👨‍👧‍👦 Community

🟣 Discover $GLINT Giveaway rewards

As usual, community incentives had a say in the past month, too.

After the completion of the Discover $GLINT Giveaway that launched a few weeks prior, the Beamswap team distributed rewards to the lucky winners!

If you participated in the giveaway but missed the rewards distribution news, look no further! 👇

We thank all the participants who showed up and congratulate the winners who cashed in their rewards. 🎉

More community events will follow, be sure you don’t miss any announcements!

🟣 Beamex Perpetual Power Play Trading Challenge

And the next opportunity was just around the corner, this time delivered by the Beamex perpetual exchange.

All Beamex traders are invited to show their trading skills in Beamex’s Perpetual Power Play Trading Challenge on the Moonbeam Network and get their share of the $2500 prize pool.

The competition launched on February 21, 2024, and already glued numerous traders to Beamex’s TradingView. But you still have the chance! Join in before March 20 and trade your way to the Top 10 for a share of the reward fund.

Interested in the Challenge details? Look no further. 👇

Start trading now and win your slice of the $2500 pie of $GLINT tokens. 👇

📈 📉

Every update and new feature release contributes to the ever-growing influence of the Beamswap and Beamex platforms within the Web3 and Polkadot ecosystems.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements in the last month of Q1 2024 and stay DeFiant! 🚀

About Beamswap

Beamswap is a DeFi Hub built on the Moonbeam Network featuring a decentralized exchange (DEX) and an automated market maker (AMM). It gives users the freedom of adding liquidity, performing peer-to-peer transactions, swapping fungible tokens, and earning passive income from staking and yield farming. Beamswap will support the growth of Moonbeam’s ecosystem and act as a launchpad for new projects developing on the network. Our team’s mission is to aid in the multichain vision to serve as a host for projects on the Moonbeam & Polkadot Ecosystem while working alongside projects with existing infrastructure looking to bridge into the multichain universe.

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