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The stories behind the stories, from the regional press in the UK
Note from the editor

Behind Local News is a place where you’ll find the inside track on local journalism in the UK. There are thousands of journalists working in local and regional newsrooms across the UK, keeping local communities up to date with essential information and news they need to know about. Times are also changing, and newsrooms across the country are finding new ways of informing and entertaining readers. In many parts of the country, local news is read by more people than ever before. Behind Local News shares the stories behind the headlines, the thinking behind the new ideas and the thoughts of journalists committed to delivering the best possible local journalism. Senior editors from multiple publishers have been working together to tell these stories — and we really hope you’ll want to get involved too.

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Adam Walker
Newspaper designer by day, everything else designer by night. My job title is Multimedia and Interactives Editor at Reach Regional Innovations.