Conferences update: D10E Malta & Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Finland

Another busy week for our founders as they continue on the tour representing Bethereum throughout the world. Our team first visited Malta, a big hotspot for sports betting, to attend the d10e Conference and with eyes on the prize at the event’s ICO pitch battle. Then Peter Gal flew off to Helsinki for the 2018 Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Finland (BCF), where Bethereum was featured as a Golden Sponsor.

First, Malta. Sunny weather, beautiful beaches and an island oozing with history and natural beauty. But we were here to do business. We entered the d10e pitching competition, looking to not only draw interest from the many blockchain contributors and syndicates in the crowd, but also to win recognition by placing high in the contest. Our CEO Giacomo Tognoni presented Bethereum to an excited crowd and he killed it! Despite the fierce competition from other projects, we ranked in the TOP 3, at one of the most respected events of this kind.

We also had our own booth here, which was excellent for networking and getting in touch with our followers. We got positive feedback from attendees who appreciated a project that utilized the blockchain in a senseful way, as well as congratulating us on the pitch off results. Honestly, we kind of like these smaller conferences where you get to interact more directly with the people attending. The hustle and bustle of big conferences can be a serious drag, which is why we welcomed the pleasant change that Malta represented.

Next up, Finland. Prior to the conference, our co-founder Peter was interviewed by BCF and spoke about Bethereum’s positives, in particular he discussed the security and transparency advantage of blockchain-based betting. You can view the full interview here.

During the event itself, we received tremendous feedback after our pitch and showcase of our Bounty Bet blockchain-powered game in which we already have over 5 000 bets placed! And also we had some time to enjoy table hockey matches with our supporters in our Bethereum booth…

It has been a busy week but we’re stoked to hear consistently good feedback on our project, and as our main sale approaches, we’re becoming even more confident in its success. We’d love to hear from our fans and contributors at upcoming conferences, so if you see us listed in the future, don’t be shy and come say hi!

Quick reminder: our main sale whitelist has just been opened!

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