Development team’s progress and success

Our bounty betting game has already proven to be a big success. Each match has up to 1000 bets to it, and since our launch we’ve registered over 15,000 finalized bets. We’ve already introduced concepts that we’ve promised since the beginning, including leaderboards and gamification elements.

We’ve already launched betting on the Ethereum chain and it has allowed us to improve our Smart Contracts based on these new findings. With the release of Bounty Bet, registration has been re-opened and there has been a consistent surge of new users since. Our Bounty Bet is also getting more attention, as it is increasingly being searched for or visited without any heavy social media promotion with calls-to-action (CTAs).

Although we have one of the best bounty systems in the industry, we’re still looking at ways to improve it even further. We’ve redesigned some parts, cleaned up the UI and are still researching ways of making it more user-friendly.

There’s been an immense growth of all of the telegram communities (Indonesia, Russia, South Korea, Vietnam, India, Philippines, Nigeria), which has inspired us to do something new and exciting for the World Cup. Definitely stay tuned, we will be releasing an announcement in the following days.

We’ve been working on the development of our platform's alpha version even before the main sale has finished. It’s a demonstration of how much we believe in our vision and how much we believe in you, because without our fans, users, bounty hunters and everyone else who’s following us, we wouldn’t be where we are right now! Thank you everyone for all the support you’ve given us and we’re stoked that your numbers keep growing.

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Bethereum Team
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