Mother And Father Troubled Over Gift Of Chocolate


Wanting to do something special for his mom when she got off work, Timmy began to ponder. She loves chocolate so when Timmy found a bag full of his father’s chocolate laxatives, he thought this would be perfect.

Taking the empty, heart-shaped chocolate box he received for Valentine’s Day, Timmy stuffed the chocolate into the empty slots. When his mom returned from work, Timmy was waiting at the door to present the gift to her.

“Thank you sweetie. How thoughtful of you” said Timmy’s mom.

Not long after, Timmy’s mom put on a pot of boiling water to prepare for dinner. Spaghetti was on the menu; one of Timmy’s favorites. She began eating the chocolate while waiting for the water to boil.

“These are delicious” she remarked.

Timmy grinned from in satisfaction of how thoughtful his gift was. As she reached in the pantry for the noodles, she began to notice her stomach grumbling.

“Must be hungry for some real food” she thought.

She opened the noodle box and poured them in the stainless steel pot steaming from the scalding water. She bent over to grab the pan out of the cabinet to seer the ground beef when she noticed the unpleasant feeling in her stomach again.

This time the sensation grew.

It began as a quaint “I have to go to the bathroom” to a screaming “I NEEDED TO MARRY A TOILET YESTERDAY.”

She slammed the cabinet door and raced down the hall to make it to the latrine. As she was running, she yelled to her husband “I HAVE NOODLES BOILING. DON’T FORGET EM.”

“Mm hm” said the husband.

He was reclining in the “lazy boy” preoccupied with his iPad.

Timmy was playing with his toys in the kitchen, waiting for dinner to be ready when he noticed the pot of boiling noodles shaking. With the intuition of world renowned psychic Ms Cleo, Timmy climbed onto a table chair in anticipation of what was to come.

He reached for the arm and pulled himself up. Immediately, the boiling noodles shook right off the stove as he made it in the chair just in time. The ensuing crash was reminiscent of car companies running crash tests with dummies in the cars. Scalding water and noodles flew everywhere.

Hearing the thunderous crash, the father threw his iPad to the side, jumped from the couch, and hurried into the kitchen.

He didn’t notice the boiling water already covering the length of the tile floor. Without warning, his first step on the wet kitchen floor sent him upward. While in the air, he momentarily reflected by muttering “not again” to himself. He was still recovering from the last time this happened.

He twisted in the air and tried to grab anything to keep him from falling. Gravity laughed at him as his outstretched arms only grasped the air around him. On his descent, his head greeted the end of the bar table. The headshot left him unconscious and sprawled out on the floor.

Stoically, Timmy looked at his father unconscious on the floor beside him. His eyes glazed over as he pondered over his predicament. He was looking at going hungry tonight unless he acted soon. Figuring his neighbor friend Joe might be having dinner with his family soon, the decision was made to pay them a surprise visit.

Noticing the scalding hot water on the floor reminded Timmy of all the times he played “hot lava.” Only this time, it was real. Timmy leaped from the chair and onto his unconscious dad. He steadied himself as he leaped again onto the carpet.

He ambled his way down the hall to his room to grab his shoes. As he passed the bathroom door, he could hear his mom sobbing.

Confused on why she would be upset, Timmy slipped into his tennis shoes and made his way to the backdoor. Walking across the water with his shoes on, Timmy got on the tippiest of toes, twisted the door handle, and pushed off into the world.

Heading towards Joe’s, he wondered what they were having for dinner. Was it going to be spaghetti? What about pizza? He wasn’t sure. But one thing he was excited about was how much they were going to love the chocolate he was bringing just as his mom did.

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