Episode 005: Alpine Tweezer

Episode 005: Alpine Tweezer

In Episode 005 we discuss an underrated version of Phish’s most prominent jam vehicle: the 08/01/1998 Tweezer. Midway through the Summer 1998 Tour, this is one of the most melodic bliss jams the band has ever played.

As we discussed during Episode 003: Riverport Gin, the Summer 1998 Tour balanced permagroove funk jams, surprise covers, and ambient explorations. In a show that featured two surprise debut covers: Led Zeppelin’s Ramble On & Jane’s Addictions’ Been Caught Stealin’, this Tweezer is the musical centerpiece. A patient, meandering, major-keyed exploration, this jam avoids tension & release, funk, or any hint of darkness; this is Phish at their most pleasant, and lyrical in their playing.

So pleasant, this Tweezer feels like Phish dipping their toes in modern-day Dad Rock; this is the kind of jam (and show) you can grill to, contemplate major life decisions over, and soak in “the little things” that keep you going. The show overall features a highly-unusual Mike’s>Esther>Weekapaug in Set I, as well as the ultra-rare Fikus. In Set II, the band played a recitle-esque set that would become standard fare during the first few years of 3.0. Yet, where it often felt forced and overwrought in recent years, here the assortment of stylistic selections feels fitting, like a double LP.

Songs featured in this episode are:
William Tyler: “Highway Anxiety”
Steve Gunn: “Fiction”
Kurt Vile: “On Tour”
Beach House: “Walk In The Park”
Hamilton Leithouser & Rostam: “Peaceful Morning”
Kevin Morby: “Dorothy”

In addition, we discuss two new 2017 records we highly recommend: Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives: Way Out West, and Slowdive: Slowdive.

Adam Granduciel Backing up Kurt Vile — P4k 2010

Finally, we’d like to recommend two recent Helping Friendly Podcast episodes. Number 103 is a massive deep dive into the history of Phish as told by the song Tweezer. Curated by @mdfunk, it’s one of the most enjoyable and important episodes they’ve ever made. Episode 108 focuses on the second set of 04/21/1992, which features the historical precursor to the Alpine Tweezer. Both are definitely more than worth your time.

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We’ll be back on Tuesday, May 30 with Episode 006!

Until then, we’ll see you beyond the pond…

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