My Sticker App Offends Apple More Than KIMOJI 🍑 #12x2017

For the 2nd product from my 12x2017 Challenge I thought it would be nice to create something completely different, something I haven’t done before. A Sticker App for iMessage (and Telegram)!

Since iOS 10 it is possible to create and sell apps for iMessage and suddenly there where a bunch of sticker apps popping up everywhere. After a little research I found out that Xcode now offers a template which makes it super “easy” to create your own sticker app without a single line of code.

Well, it wasn’t super easy, because I knew nothing about developer accounts, bundle ids and iTunes Connect. Bad! But a few tears and support mails later I was ready to go and started turning my enamel pins into fancy stickers. All in all I made almost 30 stickers for the first run and more planned in future updates.

So I had my designs, my developer account, my bundle id and all set up in iTunes Connect. I uploaded and submitted my app and waited until it hit the App Store! But no no no, not with Apple! REJECTED! Apparently my pickles offended them more than Kim’s ass! I can’t blame them they are dope!

These stickers where sent to me as reason why my app was rejected.

Pickles and sausages seem to be too nasty, although they released a pickle emoji 🥒 in iOS 10. Maybe my humor is just not presentable. But after submitting it a thousand times and asking them “wtf it is your problem” it went through. (without the nudes banana though 😢)

This means you can now download BiaschtlMOJI from the iMessage App Store! 🎉 (thanks Kim for the inspiration 😘)

PLUS: BiaschtlMOJI was #1 under Top Paid Apps in the Austrian App Store on the 2nd day after the release! 🎉

TELEGRAM: And since someone requested it, BiaschtlMOJI is also available on Telegram:

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FEEDBACK: And if you want to see some of my new illustration as enamel pins, patches or other goods just drop me a line.