$10,000 in bounties up for grabs at ETHernals!

Biconomy is a proud to sponsor the ETHIndia Online hackathon 2022.

Aditya Khanduri


As one of the earliest supporters for a few years now, we love ETHIndia events and the organising team at Devfolio! We have made friends, met passionate builders, and supported the web3 ecosystem. Thus, we are extremely thrilled to announce we will be sponsoring their first hackthon of 2022, called ETHernals!

The Hackathon runs from February 25 to March 27, 2022. Make sure you register asap! It’s a great way to learn dApp development, earn bounties, & enter the realm of web3!

Your project + Biconomy = ❤ UX

If you are working on any web3 idea or hack, you should definitely explore Biconomy. Our APIs & SDKs transform any dApp to ensure all the benefits of web3.0 come with the intuitiveness of web2.0. There’s solid reasons why 100+ dApps use our APIs & SDKs to offer a seamless & frictionless experience to their users.

Some of the features we enable:

Gasless meta-transactions

Simplify your user journey by sponsoring gas on behalf of your users! They just sign a message, & then our relayers manage the rest.

Read about Gasless || Start integrating [docs

Simple onboarding to L1s & L2s

If a new user comes to your dApp on a different chain, they don’t need to manually change RPC to connect to your dApp. They can instantly bridge their tokens to the chain using Hyphen (below). If they don’t have that chain’s native token, they have the flexibility to pay gas in other supported tokens that they have (using our product, Forward).

Read about Forward || Start integrating [docs]

Instant cross-chain transfers

Hyphen is the fastest (& in most cases the cheapest) bridge to send tokens between Ethereum, Polygon & Avalanche! New users often struggle with sending their tokens to a different chain to use a dApp. Instead of sending them to a different cross-chain bridge UI, you can integrate Hyphen into your dApp so the user doesn’t leave it throughout the user journey!

Read about Hyphen || Start integrating [docs] || Use the bridge

Bounties [$10,000 in total]

There are 3bounty tracks. The key judging criteria is how

1. Make your dApp Gasless [3500$]

The Gasless SDK allows anyone to enable gasless transactions in their dApp.

Use the gasless minting functionality in your hackathon project. Ideas we are eager to see include NFT marketplaces, DAOs, and metaverse-related projects.


Gasless Docs: https://docs.biconomy.io/products/enable-gasless-transactions

2. Enable in-dApp cross-chain bridge using Hyphen [$3500]

The Hyphen SDK enables the fastest and cheaper token transfers across different chains. Currently, we support Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche for USDC, ETH, BICO, USDT. And adding support for many more chains and assets!

Use the hyphen SDK in your project to enable fast and cheap token transfers.


Hyphen Docs: https://docs.biconomy.io/products/hyphen-instant-cross-chain-transfers

3. Simplest Onboarding Experience [$3000]

We want to reward the project with the quickest & simplest onboarding experience by leveraging Biconomy.

The key judging criteria is:

  • How quickly someone can onboard onto your dApp & start using it
  • The fewest number of steps required to start using your dApp

Extra marks if it’s super easy even for normie non-web3 audience!

Feel free to leverage Gasless, meta-transactions, or Hyphen bridge and combine with other dev tools such as Web3Auth etc.

Getting in touch

We want to see projects integrate Biconomy to make innovative web3 use cases accessible everyone. Looking forward to what you build!

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Docs: https://docs.biconomy.io



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