Ahmed Al-Balaghi
Sep 23 · 3 min read

A few months ago we started Biconomy with the goal of on-boarding 1 billion people into blockchain-enabled applications and solving the usability and low adoption rates we see in crypto and DApps today. We did an in-depth analysis and surveys to find out the major problems and frictions involved in DApps (decentralised applications). You can read more about the current DApp problems in our previous article.


Today, we are thrilled to strive towards our vision and release our alpha main-net, MEXA!

So what is Mexa??

Mexa is an SDK that helps you offer seamless user experiences the mainstream is familiar with to your DApp. Most DApps are currently catering to the crypto savvy users but we want to bring blockchain to the mainstream by enhancing the user experience journey!

And how can Mexa bring mainstream adoption?

Meta Transactions!

This is where the gas costs are abstracted away from the end-user and are subsidised by a third party, in this case, it would be the DApp developer paying the gas fees. This is our core focus at Biconomy to build an efficient, scalable and secure solution that DApps can easily integrate to offer their users a seamless user experience.

We have created Mexa so that users, both savvy and non-savvy crypto users, can get rid of all the annoying & technical steps involved when interacting with a DApp. Meta transactions allow for this to happen!

The Mexa integration solves the hurdles that DApp developers have been struggling with when increasing user adoption of their DApps. This means:

  1. No need to install Metamask
  2. No gas fees involved for the end-user
  3. Users do not need to worry about wallets and private keys
  4. Accessibility to any pc or mobile browser

Integrations just take a few minutes without making any major changes in code.

We value the experimentation that the Ethereum ecosystem fosters and we highly encourage DApps, infrastructure projects, and community members to actively participate in discussions with us as we experiment around onboarding, usability, and growing the dApp ecosystem.

If you’re building DApps, wallets, working on layer 2 and state channel solutions, or even attempting to solve the huge user experience problems we see in crypto today we suggest you get in touch to gain access to our alpha!

If you need integration assistance, join our telegram channel and we’ll help right away.

What’s next?

As we envisage to enable the digital economies of the future and being a payment superhighway for Web 3 to enable mass adoption, we aim to increase the number of integrations with the increasing DApps in the market with added features and functionality.

We aim to have Mexa enabled on most layer two scaling solutions and state channel solutions out there to provide fast transaction and confirmation speeds. Our architecture is also blockchain agnostic and we expect to see our Mexa spread across onto other blockchain protocols.

Of course, feedback is everything at this point and we do look forward to your honest feedback. We will be open and transparent to all our findings from this alpha test!

Special thanks to all the dApps who helped us with early customer research and our close partners who helped guide us to this solution.

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/biconomy

Website: https://biconomy.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/biconomy

Email: support@biconomy.io


Enabling Digital Economies of the future

Ahmed Al-Balaghi

Written by

Persevering, always! Passionate about making a difference. Building mass adoption of Web 3 @ Biconomy and podcasting @ Encrypted.



Enabling Digital Economies of the future

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