BindBox: Create and launch backends like never before

Leonel Peña
May 28 · 4 min read

What BindBox is and why you need to use it in your software projects.

Don’t worry, we speak Español (Spanish), too!

BindBox is a complete environment that provides all layers and tools needed to create, scale and maintain quality backends in an intuitive, powerful and fast way.

It has been designed on the pillars of no-code development, serverless architecture and instant deploy capability.

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Connect any client application you need: web, mobile or another API

With BindBox the developer only needs to translate the business logic into an online editor and connect a web app, a mobile or whatever you want to the exposed GraphQL API.

Problems it solves

A software developer must master a wide range of technologies to produce a quality result. If before there were a few programming languages and a couple of frameworks; today there are dozens of languages and a lot of frameworks per language!

And last but not least, how many of us have suffered from:

  • Lag and differences between the software implementation and its technical documentation (Relational Model and sequence diagrams)
  • Tedious and troublesome development environment configurations
  • The long, complex and error-prune process of setting up and building an infrastructure, even in the cloud
  • Complex change deployment processes
  • Non-standardized development

Yes, there are several problems and complete books have been written to solve them. It is completely overwhelming!

How does BindBox solve all this?

The result? A tightly integrated and coupled ecosystem that provides everything you need in one place.

You will benefit from:

  1. A ready-to-use development environment
  2. Decreased development times (editor based on no-code flows)
  3. Configuration and automatic infrastructure scaling (serverless)
  4. Automatic and immediate application of changes (instant deploy)
  5. Easy maintenance due to self-documentation

BindBox has an online graphical editor that uses No-code to create backends. This means you will not write a single line of code.

You will use the editor to create a Data Diagram and one or more Workflows — according to the requirements of your project.

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Workflow example that retrieves records from a database

As a developer, you must translate the business logic into the editor and the backend will be available for consumption in a GraphQL endpoint. BindBox makes Workflows available as Queries and Mutations according to their implementation.

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Example of mutation and data query in the Cloud API

Once the business logic is captured, you just have to connect your web platform, mobile application or whatever you want to the Cloud API and … voilà! The magic happens … you have a graphically implemented backend, without server configuration and instant deployment process. BindBox takes care of everything for you.

Who is it for?

In particular, you will benefit if you are a:

  • Frontend or Full Stack developer, and you are starting a new project or start-up
  • Backend developer looking for new ways to optimize time
  • Software architects and modelers who want to drive their teams to a better way of working

We have received a good reception from Frontend and FullStack developers. They just love it as it allows them to do what they enjoy the most: UI and UX.

Architects, modelers, and software analysts benefit from self-documentation. In BindBox the implementation and documentation are one. This allows them to always work on the state of the art of the systems they develop and maintain, saving countless headaches due to the frequent differences found between the implementation and the outdated documentation.

IT and development teams in need of continuous deployment processes find their work easy and enjoyable.

The serveless architecture and instant deploy capability provided by BindBox makes the tasks of configuring the entire server environment, deployment and escalation processes deprecated. BindBox takes care of the entire process automatically.


Private Beta

Public launch in October. Meanwhile get early access joining the Free Private Beta.

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Build quality backends, faster.

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