May 2023 Development Update

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Key Announcements

Celebrate the launch of the Kaosland Settlement Era & Win 50,000 $NEER

The chaos has begun as Kaosland moves into the Settlement Era. The Foundation Phase of Kaosland development is complete, and this star metaverse is ready for Kaoslanders to settle. With nearly 13,000 unique landowners, Kaosland is primed to become one of the biggest co-owned metaverses. Anyone can now enter and explore Kaosland for free.

Start exploring now to WIN!

Do you want to win a share of our 50,000 $NEER giveaway? We invite ALL metaverse pioneers, explorers and builders to enter our Kaosland Settlement Build Competition. If you are a landowner, enter the competition by creating on your land, and sharing a snapshot on Twitter. If you are an explorer, take your avatar on a journey in Kaosland and find your favourite creation. Take a snapshot of it and share it on Twitter today.

Early entries into the Kaosland Settlement Build Competition.

Play Monolithic Today

It is time to have fun with your friends in the metaverse with our first mini-game, Monolithic! Organise to meet your friends in Kaosland, activate multiplayer and race to find the golden $NEER token! Climb the leaderboard and defend your championship! Play in Kaosland now!

Kickstart your Kaosland Creations with a Dojo

To celebrate the launch of Kaosland, Bit.Country announced the launch of our collaboration with specialized metaverse builders, MetaDojo. As a certified metaverse buildering partner, MetaDojo released a Kaosland NFT Collection that features six unique Kaosland-themed Dojos. Metaverse Pioneers have snapped up 70 Dojos within minutes of dropping the collection. To date, the total sales volume is 14,695 $NEER. You can buy one now on the Kaosland Metaverse Marketplace.

Bridge to Ethereum is Under Development

We are thrilled to announce that the first public referendum was a great success and passed with 98.52% of the 485 votes in favour. Thank you to everyone who participated. Collectively, you committed a total of 68,985.74 $NEER. Development is underway to establish a bridge that will connect Pioneer Metaverse.Network to Ethereum to allow the transfer of Kaosland land NFTs.

Earn $BIT by staking your Estate

Have you staked your Estate yet? Estate owners now have the option to stake $NEER in their estates to earn BIT rewards from an exclusive rewards pool. Twenty per cent of all the mined $BIT is distributed to estate owners. The amount of BIT that you can earn depends on five variables. Maximize these variables to maximise your earning potential.

Monthly Metrics that Matter

Kaosland Statistics

Kaosland landowners have grown by 11% in the last month, and the total number of estates has increased by 23%.

Bit.Country Statistics

For more Bit.Country Statistics check them out here.

Pioneers at Work

Our team is dedicated to developing Bit.Country into the premier Web3 metaverse dApp, offering Metaverse as a Service. Additionally, we aim to establish Metaverse.Network as the preferred blockchain for all metaverse applications.

Our monthly commitments provide insight into our teams’ ongoing efforts and progress towards achieving our goal.

Github Activities Highlight of the month

User Interface / Metaverse

492 commits to development/Master and 785 commits to all branches. On development/Master, 511 files have changed and there have been 409,209 additions


143 commits to development/Master and 230 commits to all branches. On development/Master, 635 files have changed and there have been 6,570 additions

Metaverse.Network Protocols

60 commits to all branches. On master, 129 files have changed and there have been 2,621 additions.

Tip of the Month

How to Build in Kaosland

Kaosland is the first community co-owned metaverse of Bit.Country. With 14,400,000 sqm of digital real estate, it is poised to become one of the greatest metaverses. To build in this metaverse, you need to be a Kaosland landowner. Initially, land units were distributed to our Crowdloaners to claim, but now you can purchase Estates or land units from the secondary marketplace. Buy yourself some land now.

As a landowner, you have the opportunity to create anything you can imagine on your land. You can build your metaverse dream out of voxels to resemble a Minecraft world or deploy 3D models to create a more smooth and modern vibe. You can also create using a hybrid of voxels and 3D models. All 3D models are minted as NFTs. You can either create them yourself or purchase them from a Metaverse Marketplace. Bit.Country also provides a library of props that you can use to accessorize your land.

To build on your land requires you to burn $BIT. $BIT is the fundamental energy source of Bit.Country. It is mined in the Material Campaign and burnt when performing metaverse activities such as building in the metaverse or crafting metaverse objects such as activation passes and wearables. You can earn $BIT by staking $NEER or staking $NEER in your Estate.

  • Try placing your 3D models in the Sandpit for free before putting them on your land. Try it here.
  • Watch our tutorial to see how easy it is to build on your land in Kaosland.

Community Notice Board

Find out more about Digital Land on Bit.Country

Are you stuck wondering what to build on your land in Kaosland? Get some inspiration from our team.

Listen to our Twitter Space here

Estate Staking is Live

Did you know that Estate staking went live on the 5th of April? You can now stake your Estate to earn $BIT.

Read details here.

First Referendum Passed

Network Governance is live. All $NEER token holders have the opportunity to create and vote on proposals and referendums that will shape the future of our project.

Learn more here.

Podcast with MetaDojo

Keira and Gardi caught up with the MetaDojo team to learn more about the Kaosland Dojo NFT Collection.

Watch it now.

March Monthly Development Update

Do you want to catch up on last month’s Development Update?

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