Five Key Features To Expect From Mainnet Beta

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3 min readApr 27, 2022


From generic pool deployment to custom themes, here are five key features to expect from the mainnet beta in the coming weeks:

1. Bumped Covenant Specs

Concurrency slots are increased from 8 to 16. Mainnet liquidity pools can now accommodate 0.26 trades per second each. This will be optimized even further in the next release.

2. Multi-pair Support

The underlying covenant design is re-engineered from the ground up. Now liquidity pools can accommodate any asset pair such as USDt<>L-CAD, unlike the previous design which limits the base pair to L-BTC.

3. Generic-Pool Deployment

Now users can create liquidity pools with ease from the Bitmatrix web interface. Connect your wallet, select pairs, type in initial supplies, and be ready to trade! It’s open, immutable, and transparent. Anyone can deploy a market in a few seconds.

4. Customizable Themes

Users can change their interface appearance to a standard or an exclusive theme. MATRIX and Dancing Banana exclusive themes will be issued on Liquid soon after the mainnet launch. It will appear in “Settings” > “Theme” > “Exclusive Themes” if you happen to own these assets in your wallet. You can fill out our product feedback form to receive one of these exclusive themes.

5. Watchtower

Bitmatrix watchtower is a notification service that listens to Liquid Network for covenant state transitions and informs about trades and other Bitmatrix activities. It will be available on Telegram and Twitter soon after the launch.

What is Bitmatrix going live on mainnet?

Bitmatrix mainnet beta is going live on September 1st at 1:30 PM CDT. Get your Marina Wallet ready for swaps and liquidity adds.

What is Bitmatrix?

Bitmatrix is a constant product market maker built on the Liquid Network. Bitmatrix utilizes the power of bitcoin opcodes to enable automated liquidity provision across L-BTC and other Liquid assets.

What is the Liquid Network?

The Liquid Network is a sidechain-based settlement network for traders and exchanges. Liquid enables faster, more confidential Bitcoin and Tether transactions and the issuance of digital assets.

Bitmatrix Web Interface (Beta):

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