BitClave Token Sale Terms

The date is set. The BitClave public token sale will start on Nov 29th.

Our project has created a lot of excitement. During the initial Pre-Sale and Deposits, we raised $22M out of $25.5M hard cap. We are oversubscribed for crowdfunding with 64,000 registered users. Thank you for your great support!

As a result, we are closing our whitelist on Nov 22. We are also cancelling all bonuses for the non-whitelisted participants.

There is a chance we will reach our cap before all whitelisted participants have made their contribution. In this case, the priority will be given to participants who made a deposit.

Due to the recent increase in crypto to USD rate, we might reach our USD cap before reaching the tokens cap. In this case, the unsold tokens will be burned.

Here are the final terms:

  • Token Sale hard cap 25.5M USD
  • 1 CAT price is 0.10 USD
  • All bonuses are cancelled for non-whitelisted contributors
  • Token conversion is done at the highest rate between the following two options:
    - Crypto/USD rate at the time of the deposit date
    - Crypto/USD rate on Nov 29th

See more details here.


If you are our real and authentic fan, and you missed the whitelist deadline but you are very interested in participation, we still can accommodate you. After Nov 22nd you can get subscribed to the whitelist only by the POF (Proof-Of-Fan) model. In POF, before submitting your whitelist registration, you’ll have to publish a video or a blog promoting BitClave and send us the link for manual evaluation.