BTH Mining Difficulty Reduction Window

Bithereum Network
Oct 22, 2018 · 3 min read

Difficulty reduction for first 20,000 blocks! Also, become a Verified Bithereum Mining Pool!

(Source: Bithereum Network)

If you’re looking for info regarding Bithereum’s testnet, check out our blog, here:

In an effort to build our mining community and secure the network, we will be including a massive difficulty reduction window (starting at 0.19 difficulty) for the first 20,000 blocks upon our mainnet launch forking from Bitcoin block #555,555 (estimated December 28th). The window is estimated to last around 24 hours, however it may go WAY faster depending on the amount of miners so it is highly encouraged that miners begin as soon as the hard fork happens in order to receive the maximum rewards. After this point, the LWMA Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm will kick in, which adjusts the difficulty after every block.

Furthermore, if you are a pool and interested in becoming an official verified mining pool for Bithereum, you can register for that here in the link below. Doing so will allow you to be listed on our site as verified and make you a top choice, after your status as a pool has been verified by us. If you are an individual solo miner, there’s no need to register on this list because every solo miner has to still connect to a pool to mine.

The official mainnet launch for Bithereum is slated for Bitcoin block #555,555, which is estimated to be December 28th. We successfully took the hard-spoon snapshot of Ethereum on December 12th. This is to reward all ETH holders with BTH since Bithereum is utilizing the Casper protocol for the BTH PoS consensus model.

You can read more about the spoon here:

Our mainnet source code is also available and can be found here: (Builds for the various operating systems will be updated as they’re completed.)

To anyone pools that register for the Verified Mining list will be the verified Bithereum mining pools upon launch and will be listed on our site as such as well; this is our way of building a strong mining community from the get-go and rewarding early participants for believing in Bithereum!

BTH Sponsored Mining Pool Registration:

Relevant Mining Parameters/Metrics

Block reward: 25 BTH (2x the BTC reward)

Total Supply: ~32 million coins

Mineable Supply: ~7.1 million coins

Block Size: 4MB plus SegWit

DAA: LWMA (after every block)

Avg Block Time: ~10 mins

Algorithm: Equihash <144,5>

Profitability calculator:

Reward = ((hashrate * block.reward) / current.difficulty * 2¹³) * (1-pool.fee) * 3600

If you have any further questions about Bithereum or about possibly becoming a sponsored mining pool and its benefits please let us know. In addition, feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding testnet or BTH in general. You can reach out to us by PM’ing us via bitcointalk or by sending us an email at


The Bithereum Team

Two Chains, One Coin

Bithereum Network

Bithereum Network

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Bithereum is a hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain in combination with Ethereum's technological roadmap structured around Proof of Stake.

Bithereum Network

The harmonization of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bithereum aims to do what no other hard fork has done, by fusing the visions of both Bitcoin and Ethereum, ultimately revolutionizing mining, improving scalability, and increasing network consensus

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