Meet the team — Q&A to Peep Paum, ICO advisor and product developer at Black Insurance

Triinu Murumäe
Aug 23, 2018 · 3 min read

“Black Insurance has a huge potential of being something big from so many different ways and I am glad I can be part of this evolution and fundamental transformation of insurance business.”

Tell us a bit more about yourself? What is your professional background? Fun and intersting facts about yourself are also welcome!

I have been a technology evangelist and blockchain enthusiast for quite some time now.

I believe that cryptocurrencies will dramatically change the way we use and spend money today. I have been lucky enough to have participated in various technology projects for almost ten years and provided dozens of mobile apps having very user-friendly UX and UI-s. I was one of the original co-founders in the virtual administrator startup called Indoor.Ninja, which has lately raised a significant investment from KONE, one of the leading elevator companies in the world. Also I am a the founder and CEO of CrowdCoinage, a start-up developing ICO platform for blockchain start-ups. Black Insurance is actually one of the first users of this platform.

Apart from many other summer-loving Estonians, I am a real „winter-person“. Winter is my favourite time of the year, I enjoy cold temperature, snow and the crisp air.

What was your first impression of the BLACK project? Why you decided to join the team and movement?

The huge potential of the project. After reading the whitepaper, having a look on business model and meeting the team, I was confident that this project will have a lot to offer for the future. It has certain quintessence of being big from so many perspectives — technological, business and social aspects for example. As an entrepreneur and curious person, I have a drive for being part of the innovation, the start of big things. This is why I decided to join the team in addition to my other projects. Insurance can be rather boring, especially for a person coming from a different business, but Black seems to be changing it by opening its doors for crowdfunding and delivering the possibility to invest in the historically „boring“ but profitable business. I think it is super cool to see that transformation and evolution.

What is your area of expertise that contributes to BLACK business the greatest today?

My previous ICO experience. Currently I am helping Black to go through the ICO period with the best possible results, to raise the needed capital and have the necessary technology to support the process up and running.

What makes you believe in BLACK business model?

As said before — the huge potential of being something extraordinary and big. A game changer in the broader sense in many different aspects — innovation, technology, business, social. The business model is not limited, it has many stakeholders with guaranteed benefits for all of them — better insurance products for end-users, new investment opportunity for investors, and last but not least — the new business and innovation possibilities for insurance entrepreneurs ie brokers.

Where we can find you if you are not working?

I try to keep myself fit both mentally and physically, so you can find me in the gym. As I am a huge fan of winter, then mountain skiing is my passion, whenever possible I go for it.

Meet other team members: CEO Risto Rossar, COO Mart Parve, BDO Liina Laas-Billson, CMO Triinu Murumäe.

Be sure to check out our website as well as connect to our social media on Telegram, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn and Bitcointalk.


Triinu Murumäe

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Digital insurance company on blockchain

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