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5 min readJan 26, 2021


First Week in Review

The inhabitants of Neon District were overrun with pizza this week as over 2,200 players logged-on to deliver pizza and earn Neon. The influx of new players contributed to a milestone in Neon District with over 100,000 NFTs minted on the Matic Network.

Our developers worked hard to make some important updates this week. The servers were upgraded to better accommodate the influx of new players, and the multiple ambush feature was added to the core gameplay loop. The information logs for your deliveries now provide clearer details for better insight on payments and stolen pay.

Retribution is Coming

This week, as part of our continuing updates to the core Neon Pizza gameplay loop, we will launch a new component called Retribution. The Retribution feature will grant delivery teams the ability to enact revenge on ambushers. Ambushed players can open a Hit Contract on their aggressors via a generated link that is valid for 8 hours. They can attempt to fulfill the Hit Contract themselves or share the link with other players. A Hit Contract is successfully fulfilled when the target is defeated. In the event of a successful hit, the contract is closed and the hitman and the contract owner evenly split 100% of the target’s unfenced goods.

Pizza Badges

Pizza Badges will be served up on February 2nd. These will represent achievements that are earned while playing the game and will be tied to your player profile once they are unlocked.

As a special thanks to all our players who made this first week a success. Every player who appeared on either the Delivery or Ambush Leaderboard before the weekly reset at 12am GMT will receive the limited Hot Out of the Oven badge on their account. (Will appear once badges are integrated)

Earn limited-edition NFT gear this week only!

While the Legendary Delivery and Ambusher gear is exclusive to Pizza Box NFT purchasers, all players will have an opportunity to earn the limited edition Rare Delivery and Rare Ambusher gear sets by completing the special missions before the February 2nd leaderboard reset.

Special Mission 1

Codename: Burning the Midnight Oil

Objective: Complete 5 delivery shifts (In either Tier 1 or 2)

Reward: Rare Delivery Gear

Special Mission 2

Codename: Street Scum Rising

Objective: Attempt 5 Ambushes (Win or Lose)

Reward: Rare Ambusher Gear

Pizza Box Kits

The first batch of custom t-shirts and beanies has been ordered, but there is still an opportunity to get a hold of these unique items. At the time of this release, only 13 Pizza Box NFTs remain in the OpenSea store. These NFTs will be listed for sale until February 14, 2021. Don’t forget to submit your design preferences when you purchase the Pizza Box NFT. Buyers can register their purchase using this google form.

All kits purchased include a full set of Legendary Delivery and Ambusher Gear. The Delivery gear was previously revealed in the original announcement, but we are now able to show you the Legendary Ambusher set in its full glory above. These sets will be ready to use and dropped to your Neon District account wallets this Friday, January 29th so you can now deliver pizza or ambush in a fresh new style.

In Addition, the Neon boost for the Pizza Box NFT will be enabled Tuesday, February 2nd. This boost will increase the holder’s earned delivery Neon by 20% (note: boost is added to initial pay). To get the full benefit of this boost as soon as the feature goes live, make sure the NFT resides in an ethereum wallet you own and that this wallet is linked to your Neon District game account.

Shells Update

Development is ongoing to get every asset functioning as intended in Neon District. The underlying framework for Season 1 gear is required before introducing Shell functionality. Additionally, Shells reside on the Ethereum Network and are consumed during the bonding process. Due to the permanence of this process, thorough testing is necessary before the Shell bonding feature goes live. Furthermore, the Shell artwork requires updating to fit the latest animation rigs while maintaining the look and style they were originally given. Lastly, the Shell artwork is being prepared to conform to the current gear loadout (Head, Body, Arms, Legs). More information on this will be released with a forthcoming Shell update.

What’s Going on in the Community

We recently wrapped up our first community event, a PVP Battle Royale, during the final weeks of the private alpha. For this event players could complete private PVP matches during specific timeframes for a chance to win 1000 Neon in their in game accounts. We would like to congratulate the following players below for their participation and being randomly selected to receive a prize:

1000 NEON Winners from First Battle Royale: LCDIZZLE, Crelde, OCDiscus, JTobcat, Raker57

1000 NEON Winners from Second Battle Royale: tweetious, ponchomaz, Luna, Badger, RichAndCreamy

1000 NEON Winners from Third Battle Royale: superfunkygibbon, Xenotopos, wrecgame, Schlammvieh, RichAndCreamy

Our very own CEO, coin_artist, streamed her battles with community members on twitch during these events. For future community fun, or to catch her latest tips on how to build a team, be sure to subscribe and tune in to her twitch channel

Some of our players have already taken the time to write an initial review of Neon Pizza and you can read their thoughts below.


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