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blockimmo’s integration with Kyber Network — enabling investments with DAI, TrueUSD and XCHF — eliminating the price fluctuation risk.

blockimmo integrates kyber — Feb 2019

Zug, Switzerland 8th of February 2019 — blockimmo, a regulatory compliant blockchain powered platform for real estate investments and ownership has integrated Kyber. In addition to investing with Ether (ETH), investors can now invest in real estate opportunities using stablecoins such as DAI, XCHF and TrueUSD eliminating the price fluctuation risk that comes with investing with Ether.

“We knew from the start that at some point we wanted to enable fundraising with a stable digital currency” said Bastiaan Don, Managing Director of blockimmo AG. “As it is quite a challenge to enable this on-chain, we are extremely pleased to partner up with Kyber, integrating their smart and fully decentralized “liquidity protocol” into our smart-contracts. Yet another hurdle taken, we’re excited to bridge communities and support a growing the Ethereum ecosystem.”

The integration of stablecoins into the blockimmo platform has removed the price fluctuation risk during crowdsales for both the investor as well as for the seller. Investors can still chose to invest with i.e. Ether but their investment is directly converted to a stablecoin, transparently and on-chain. Learn more about the blockimmo smart contracts version 2.

We believe the blockimmo-Kyber integration highlights the benefits of building on open, decentralized systems. Without facing the constraints faced by conventional payment rails, a blockchain-powered real estate platform like blockimmo can easily plug into a liquidity protocol like Kyber to allow multiple digital assets as payment within the platform. We are happy to support blockimmo in their vision to make real estate accessible for all.

Loi Luu — Co-Founder and CEO of Kyber

The new features can be tried out live on by investing in the demo Zendo Property. Early adapters are being rewarded (more information).

About Kyber

Kyber’s on-chain liquidity protocol allows decentralized token swaps to be integrated into any application, enabling value exchange to be performed seamlessly between all parties in the ecosystem. Using this protocol, developers can build innovative payment flows and applications, including instant token swap services, ERC20 payments, and financial dApps — helping to build a world where any token is usable anywhere. —

About blockimmo

blockimmo is a blockchain powered startup on the verge of becoming the go to marketplace for real estate tokenization. Our regulatory compliant ecosystem enables fractional property investments and ownership. Properties are officially and legally represented as security tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. We partner with financial institutions and other strategic partners in different countries to enable and grow the cross-border market. Operating out of Switzerland, blockimmo is focused on facilitating an accessible, streamlined real estate market, while delivering value to our users one step at a time. Ultimately resulting in a global real estate market far more efficient than the stock market today. —




Facilitating an accessible, streamlined real-estate market

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Facilitating an accessible, streamlined Real Estate market

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