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5 min readAug 1, 2018


In our July update we highlight the success of two new partners, Greenfence Consumer and Meda, who adopted BLOCKv technology to trial new ways of using vAtoms to connect and engage with fans and citizens. These partners tested our technology at scale, creating new use cases that show how smart digital objects, secured on the blockchain, can exchange real value, reward behavior, strengthen one to one communication and drive favorable results.

Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) goes blockchain for its newest promotion, thanks to BLOCKv and Greenfence

The Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC), Los Angeles’ hot new soccer team, is offering fans a chance to meet star player Carlos Vela via a promotion created by BLOCKv and Greenfence Consumer.

Greenfence, which helps clients build trust through blockchain protected loyalty and rewards, was seeking creative ways to help LAFC foster relationships with fans and drive retail sales. By white-labeling BLOCKv’s technology stack and unleashing vAtoms, Greenfence created a marketing campaign that includes a multi-platform web-application powered by BLOCKv.

How does it differ from typical marketing solutions? For starters, the real-time user analytics provide an intimate look at the campaign’s metrics. These stats provide proof of an engaging experience for fans. All users were guaranteed to receive value through playing the game vAtoms, as every player received a prize. As always, vAtoms are owned by the user, never by the application as in traditional digital object platforms.

Putting prizes on the blockchain is a step forward to demonstrate authenticated ownership of digital goods. The digital prizes with physical counterparts are written to the Ethereum blockchain thereby confirming a verifiable prize redemption from the sponsor.

Taking advantage of LAFC’s partnership with Heineken

The project comes on the heels of LAFC opening a new $350MM stadium and striking a partnership with Heineken. Both parties were seeking creative ways to build relationships with fans and consumers. By white-labeling BLOCKv’s technology stack, Greenfence presented an innovative marketing solution to Heineken and LAFC.

vAtoms are the backbone of the campaign, while the user interface is white labeled for Heineken and Greenfence. For BLOCKv, it’s yet another great example of delivering “interface moments” to blockchain technology through vAtoms. Simplifying the way digital objects are created and written to blockchain is one of the promises of the BLOCKv platform.

Great prizes, including a Carlos Vela meet and greet

For fans, this adds up to a compelling, engaging experience with great prize, including:

  • An authentic digital collectible poster of Carlos Vela, shareable to friends and family.
  • LAFC merchandise: a brand-new redeemable LAFC hat, which live on the Ethereum blockchain to guarantee authenticity and ownership.
  • LAFC tickets for two: also redeemable for tickets to a game and giftable. These prizes live on the Ethereum blockchain to guarantee authenticity and ownership.
  • Last, but not least, all participants were automatically entered into a sweepstakes to meet Carlos Vela in person — with up to 45 participants winners total. (Btw, Vela killed it during his recent exceptional performance for Mexico in the World Cup. )

As more developer partners and agencies turn to BLOCKv’s platform, vAtoms are becoming an increasingly popular solution. Reeve Collins, CEO of BLOCKv, says, “With BLOCKv’s technology, this campaign demonstrates how we are driving the evolution of a unit of information into a unit of engagement, and ultimately into a unit of value. It’s a new paradigm. As more of the world’s top companies use BLOCKv’s developer platform, we are excited to let the masses experience more ‘first interface moments’ to the blockchain through vAtoms.”

Once logged in, users effortlessly acquire the “Scratch N” Win” vAtom, as it is already waiting in their digital wallet. Now, a direct relationship is formed between the brand and the end-user. Users can “scratch” the vAtom up to once per day and await their prize.

BLOCKv and Meda team up to launch wildly successful customer engagement program in Mexico

A major government institution in Mexico recently launched a customer engagement and loyalty program based on BLOCKv’s vAtom technology. So far the project is a massive hit, generating response rates that are 6x higher than normal.

It’s a result of a collaboration between BLOCKv and Meda, a leading developer/digital agency in Mexico. The government institution uses vAtoms — which BLOCKv refers to as “a digital object with superpowers” — as a reward for citizens who respond to surveys or watch video content. By completing these tasks, the citizens get a series of benefits through a gamified journey.

The end result: The government institution gets to promote its new offering by building brand equity, creating product awareness, and driving targeted business to it. It also improves the dialogue between the government and its citizens, supporting the promise of home ownership. And those citizens get the benefit of the aforementioned rewards. It’s another example of how Meda aims to continue its proven track record of developing long-term relationships between brands and consumers. “We believe the new value market offered by BLOCKv will change the dynamics of users & brands, favoring user interaction & helping brands connect in a more organic way,” says Joaquin Flores, COO of Meda.

According to Meda, the goal of the program is to reach 300,000 Mexican citizens. So far, the initial data shows extremely high engagement rates. For example, the project is receiving an astounding 75% response rate on surveys versus the industry standard of 10–15%. “It’s proof that when brands use vAtoms to give value, customers happily respond,” says Reeve Collins, CEO of BLOCKv.

The long-term goal of the partnership is for Meda to be a preferred provider of BLOCKv and help proliferate vAtoms throughout Mexico and Latin America, widening the user base to a global community. “This is an important advance demonstrating how companies can employ the digital smart object, or vAtom,” explains Collins. “By deploying BLOCKv’s unique, authenticated and redeemable digital objects, Meda is providing real value to their clients and pioneering the next generation of customer relationship management.”

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