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How Often Do Top Earning Medium Writers Publish Stories?

Patterns in the frequency of article publication by Medium’s highest earning authors

Casey Botticello
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7 min readNov 10, 2019


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How often should I publish articles on Medium?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions that Medium writers ask. And it is a worthwhile question to ask.

After all, whether it was under the old clap payment system or the new member reading time compensation system, your post output definitely affects your earnings as a writer.

The conventional wisdom given on Medium is:

“Try to write something on a daily basis, until you establish a large enough following or your posts receive enough views through curation/Medium editorial features.”

Indeed, I’ve given out this very same advice myself. But how often do top earning writers publish stories on Medium once they do have some sort of following?

I could not find any recent posts or data which tracked how frequently the top earning Medium writers publish new stories. So I began to examine some of Medium’s top writers.

I looked at approximately 100 authors that I was nearly certain earned at least $1,000 per month on Medium for at least the past three months. I included a sample of some of the writers below. While tedious, I found it insightful, and hopefully you will too!

Shannon Ashley

August Posts 52

September Posts73

October Posts85

umair haque

August Posts 32

September Posts30

October Posts31

Ayodeji Awosika

August Posts 25

September Posts34

October Posts54

Thomas Oppong

August Posts 15



Casey Botticello
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