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Brandpad is where brands live and prosper. We write about things we think and lessons we learn while building a dedicated format for brands.
Note from the editor

Brandpad is a platform designed for humans, intended to revolutionize how brand identities are put to use. We’re here to make it hell of a lot easier for designers to deliver professional, functional and great-looking brand guidelines digitally. Our vision is to see great visual identities be put to use how they actually were designed, but also help them adapt and grow in the ever-changing world. We hope you’ll enjoy our thoughts. Visit us on brandpad.io for more information.

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Founder & CEO
Espen Getz Harstad
Founder, strategist and pasta maker. I usually write notes about what I want to remember. CEO of Brandpad.
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Nicklas Haslestad
Designer — nicklashaslestad.com
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Jørgen Bø Mathisen
CPO at Brandpad.io
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The team behind Brandpad. We write about visual identities and design processes while running a brand guidelines system for designers.