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May 23, 2020 · 5 min read

In this guide you will find out the typical tickets price range for Chicago, where to buy cheap tickets from, how to receive discounts and how many days in advance to purchase your tickets.

(If you want to learn more about Chicago The Musical, its story and reviews you are kindly referred to this post.)

(Fair) Ticket Prices for Chicago The Musical

How much should you pay for an orchestra seat a few rows behind the stage?- $50?$100?$200?
Let’s crunch the numbers and look at the data.The following price breakdown is based on ticket offers and sales for 200 Chicago performances during the first half of 2020 across multiple vendors. These are the “best” prices (including all discounts) you can expect to find for this Broadway show. Finding cheaper seats than these is unlikely. But paying significantly more is a very likely! So please use the data below as a reference point!

Chicago the Musical — Seating Chart and Ticket Prices

Prices range from $60 per seat in the Rear Mezzanine to $169 in the premium section of the Orchestra. You can expect some variation in the ticket price based on the day of the week. Performances during the weekend have on occasion slightly higher prices.

The sections in highest demand are:
1) Cheapest Rear Mezzanine seats ($59 per ticket)
2) Front Mezzanine Center, rows A or B ($89 per ticket)
3) Orchestra Side, closest to the center ($89 per ticket)
They are the first ones to sell out so you need to buy them at least several days in advance.

Chicago — The Musical. Ticket Sales and Availability
Chicago — The Musical. Ticket Sales and Availability
Chicago — The Musical. Ticket Sales and Availability

Buying two to three days in advance is optimal. On average you will have access to 510 tickets at the box office and 125 resale tickets. The most active buying period is the day of the performance — about 400 tickets on average are sold by the box office in the 12 hours before the start. At approximately 2 hours before start, the box office (cheapest option) is usually sold out and the only way to purchase tickets is through the resale market at significant markup over face value.

Where to Buy Tickets for Chicago?

You can buy e-tickets online from several licensed websites or in person at the box office (or the TKTS booth in Times Square). When buying online there is an additional service fee.

The following online marketplaces are the highest rated, licensed ticket sellers on the web that offer tickets for Chicago on Broadway.

Prices From: $59
Site Type: Discounted tickets/Box Office/Resale
(Use code HACK10 for an additional reduction in the service fee)

BroadwayPass is a specialized Broadway-only ticket marketplace. The site lists tickets directly from the box office which already include all available discounts. In addition to the box office tickets they also list the top resale offers from the secondary market (when the box office is sold out). For tickets click here.

Prices from: $139
Site Type: Resale Only
Service Fees: approx. 25%

Stubhub is one of the largest ticket marketplaces in the United States, selling tickets for almost every major event (sport, concerts, theaters etc.). Chicago tickets listed on Stubhub are resale tickets, often sold at a markup by brokers. But in the last minute, when the box office is sold out, Stubhub offers a huge variety of ticket listings albeit at a significant markup.

You can purchase tickets directly from the Ambassador Theatre located at the corner of 48th and Broadway (map). In order to get the lowest prices from the previous section you will need to use the latest discount code which is CHBBX619. If you don’t use the code you can expect to pay between 30% — 40% more than the prices listed earlier.

TKTS is the discounted ticket booth located in Times Square. They are a great source to buy discounted tickets without the need to give them a special code. Another convenience is that TKTS is a single box office which sells tickets for several different shows. However, on busy days, the line can be quite long so be prepared for some standing around.

TIP: Using the discount code directly at the Ambassador’s box office will be quicker and prices should be similar

TKTS Ticket Booth in Times Square

Weekly Schedule for Chicago The Musical

Chicago typically has 10 performances every week. There is a show every evening except for Monday and Sunday. The are also three afternoon matinees on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Monday  → no show
Tuesday →7pm
Wednesday →2pm, 8pm
Thursday →8pm
Friday →8pm
Saturday →2pm, 8pm
Sunday →2:30pm


Cheap ticket prices for Chicago on Broadway range between $59 and $89 with all discounts applied. Try to purchase your seats at least two days in advance and bear in mind that a few hours prior to the start of the performance, the discounted seats are typically gone. To purchase online, try one of the specialized Broadway discount websites. To purchase in person, go directly to the Ambassador Theatre’s box office and use the discount code CHBBX619.

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Access the latest information on how and where to find cheap Broadway tickets, discount codes and last minute theatre deals in NYC. Find critics reviews and plot summaries for the most popular shows on Broadway

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