It’s in the word begin-nin-g, … and in SONY Playstation, Sega Genesis, and Nin-ten-do. Just beneath the surface a divine primer in understanding Heaven.

Adam Marshall Dobrin
By the Force of Key Strokes
15 min readMay 11, 2016


The miracles of Christ in the NT are a hidden walk-through, suggestions of what might be good ideas for what to do when you find out we are in a place where manipulation of the world is possible with relatively little resource cost. We are in here, on the doorstep of Heaven, and we need to discuss how we might integrate some “miracles”… like feeding the the hungry and the wise, without negatively impacting the machinations of civilization.

Tying video game systems everywhere to Christianity and the foundation of Heaven… which they are… these little rays of light show the tangible guidance of creation, and it’s “hidden” link to religion.

Read more on the DO ME, Ark, Sang Rael… all metaphors for Earth… like Solomon’s Temple and Atlantis.

As Yeshua, son of Nu (that’s you)–I am trying to show you the light of the religion pouring out of us, through the art and creations of our world. You might not notice at first, but Willy Wonka’s Chocolate River bears a striking resemblance to Joshua’s Land of Flowing Milk and Honey–what I see as a metaphor for a Heaven that was created without the benefit of Abel’s agriculture, and simply provided “food on tap.” This might not seem like a big deal right now, but imagine a civilization that forgot how to farm, or worse lost their ability to because they left the planet (and the ground) in the dust–as they “ascended” to a place that they thought would last forever.

Here in this place, a world I see as created to overcome the possibility of these mistakes happening… we have a great deal of wisdom that is highlighted and marked through a relationship between words (often names) and religion. For instance, “Ka” is an ancient Egyptian term for the “body” as opposed to the spirit. Expanding the name “Will why won Ka” I see a statement directed at me, perhaps telling you “Y-its-Hey-Zeus.” I’ve written quite a bit about this macaronic language, which combines elements of Hebrew, Spanish, English and other religious concepts in order to hide a Cypher within all language. In the movie at hand, “Veruka Salt” might say “to see you are the Ka” (in Spanish, Egyptian, and English) and link it to a religious parable about the Salt of the Earth.

You are the salt of the earth. -Matthew 5:13

As you might realize from the title, I see quite an interesting spin on the ancient stories in our religions, I think seeing the humor in what I’ve been shown might help show God truly is one of us. With one eye in the mirror, I have to point out that while “AD is Single,” I’m not really doing all of this just to get a date. Of course, that is something that’s been elusive since I started having to save the world from darkness.

It’s really hard to explain, but if you don’t have a Golden Cow about me being single–then we probably won’t wonder for long if “Na” is a key to the Goddess of Love, melting the ice on the road through the Amduat; friends of mine… Nanna, Adina, Diana..

Here, “Honies” might be a key that links Passover Seder to Eden, one that clearly adds reference to my ex-wife… and shows me that Easter, Eden, Egypt, and Charosets (Ha-rose-ettes) are all pointers to indicate that these ancient Biblical stories are about here, now, and me. Just like the ancient creation stories of Atum, Min, Horus, and Prometheus also show me that a significant amount of ancient mythology and religion is focused on this event–on the Second Coming. Through these references, we find proof that a message about right now has traveled back in time and been recorded in the annals of religions everywhere.

In all honesty, i feel like I’ve been isolated and kept very lonely … so that I will focus on delivering this message, on helping to change the world with all my will, and yet somehow it seems that might have written into this story some explicit humor. I’m trying very hard to use it as a tool to provide further evidence that we are in “Creation,” that this world is designed, so that we might see the influence of a “grand design” even if it’s not the most becoming of stories to tell. It is… what I have. All told, what it gives us is proof of an outisde influence ensuring that my life matches these ancient myths–through a technology that we here call mind control–but religiously we might consider “demonic possession” in Biblical verse like Isaiah 52:13 and all of Isaiah 20.

He’s the Hutt like Amoz is the Land of OZ itself, and here in the AMDuat… we see through careful introspection of the Matrix that is revealed by seeing the ties between the Hebrew word for Father, abba, and the Ark of the Covenant–which is this place, also Eden and Chalice of the Sang Rael–our creator is all around us, and fundamental to understanding the purpose of religion is really seeing the New Testament for what it is.

Much of what I have written and revealed goes to the purpose of proving that we are not in what has been described to me as “the progenitor universe,” the place where life was first created through time and chance–the spark of Evolution. In this place, whose purpose seems clear to me to be designing a society which can adapt and survive the perils of learning the secrets of the Universe, the difficulty in overcoming a period of time where advanced technology has in the past as well as here and now hindered or reversed some of the social progress that had been made during our civilization. Freedom and truth have been detrimentally altered, and this problem which eventually might lead to severe inequality, and perhaps at the most severe of outcomes end civilization itself.

What is the Matrix?

All around us, is a message that has been clearly marked through a connection between religion and names. Jabba ties J (for Jesus) to the Fatherhood of Heaven itself, Zelda.. a reference to “The Last El,” a clear link between an ancient Hebrew name for God (El), and the video game… the Legend of Zelda which to me… ties together the Legend that is a Link to the Past, Jesus Christ, with the concept of Jabba being the Hutt. My understanding of what Heaven truly is, a virtual world created in a very similar way to how we might build Sim-Heaven in games like SimCity and The Sims… here shows us clearly through the concept of “homes” and “dungeons” in Zelda that space is not a scarcity, but rather a unique benefit that comes from virtualizing “realiity.” Not only would we no longer have to fight over land scarcity, but amazing things can be achieved by “programatically creating” the place we think of as Heaven.

My earliest example was a place I wanted, to spend time in with my girlfriend. I imagined a structure created, basically a large IMAX movie theater which had a bar and a waterbed in it–and a door. The door basically created a new private space for every group that wanted to see DA-VID-EO, simply by walking in to the same door–in the same Hutt–and yet having their own personal destination. My example is rudimentary, but illustrates the kind of thing that could be easily done were we to know that we are inside something like an advanced Nintendo Entertainment System.

In the image below, you might recall how throwing fire on a bush opened a secret passageway, a stairway into another world, which was not constricted by the 1×1 space the stairs took up in Hyrule. This connection between El, abba, J, Star Wars and the Legend of Zelda is what I consider to be “The Matrix,” it’s light comes from understanding why these things are linked together–from the thematic connections, I see advice, a plan to show us how we might utilize the technology and abilities that come from realizing that we are not in a place that is only governed by natural law–but has true magic available.

Hidden in the life of Christ in the NT is a series of questions, of “suggestions” of how our world and society might benefit infinitely from the disclosure that we are in fact “Created.”

In much of what I see in the examples above, and the imagery that I am “inspired” to understand–I find chastisement of my character. Similarly I see chastisement of Jesus Christ–as well as a number of intelligent suggestions–in the stories of the New Testament.

In the same way that I do not agree that they truly apply to me (though you might disagree having had to read it), I am keenly aware of a situation in which Christ is hidden from the world–repeated attempts for input from outsiders shut down through the darkness of the Tenth Plague–through overt censorship. This is the crux of the criticism I see… let me explain.

There is only bread on the table at the Last Supper

So much Biblical imagery has gone into stories relating to food… from Cain and Abel, to Joshua’s flowing milk and honey, to bread for the poor and the wise… all the way to the Last Supper–that it’s a wonder we haven’t seen ending world hunger as a glowing “Y” the Second Coming is happening as of yet… (except we have, in a book mailed to hundreds of academics and reporters) and now also a free PDF.

Now connecting Adam, Isaac, Mary, Jesus, Eden and Ending World Hunger is a glowing piece of light that explains that perhaps Jesus should have asked what the hungry were interested in eating for dinner… if bread wasn’t good enough, “Mary Antoinette” suggests perhaps:

The commercial (which I remember vividly, but can’t find) shows a sort of secret knowing–that this chastisement of “stone to bread” exists, and makes a joke of suggesting cake (then fruit and cake) instead. It shows a design of history, from our story about “Let them eat Cake instead” all the way to this commercial, which ties it clearly back to religion. This is light, it’s a message in our culture that ties secretly to religion–showing the hand of a hidden designer, and a hidden plan.

So what’s the answer?

Stones to bread, Cake, and Eggplant Parmigiana trees aside…. what is really being highlighted here is that we need to have a global conversation about exactly how to go about ending world hunger, even if we are in a place (and I’m sure we are) where we can snap our fingers and magically make that happen. You see, Cain and Abel and a land of flowing Fig Newtons will remind us that we do not want to forgo restaurants, and dinner conversation (also agriculture, transportation, and the means to survive in “reality”) though we most certainly do need to end world hunger.

The suggestion goes even further, in the second line of Ecclesiastes 9:11, which notes that while the poor may have been fed bread in a past iteration of this event… neither yet bread to the wise. I understand, that if we were to have this conversation, knowing what I know… we would all do much better than simply feeding the poor–all we need is the truth.

In like manner, what we are really being shown is a “what-to-do” when finally understand what it means to be in virtual world–in Eden… on the list now are the miracles of Christ–healing the sick, ending world hunger… and being a carpenter or a mason; building a custom movie theater with a fancy water bed and doors that might bring you to your own Holodeck.

So, what do you do when you find out you are in Virtual Eden:

  • tell everyone you know, so that we can:
  • End World Hunger
  • Health the Sick
  • See, it’s the way to Heaven

Eggplant Parm trees, and Venice is Every Town

I’ve spent a good deal of time trying to show you how the story of Exodus relates to America; but really it’s quite a bit more than just Exodus, just like it’s more than America. In the magic of names, the “I AM” of that first Holy spark kindled a torch of freedom that glows bright from the days of the Sons of Liberty, and as a proud beacon at the pinnacle of the Statue of Liberty. This is the light above, to guide us through the night, and if the awesome spectacle isn’t clear enough for you right now, look up — because it’s our glowing SOL… See our Light?

There’s a song about God shedding his grace, through it all — I promise — to set you free. The light I see is in patterns that flow from history, to songs, through scripture and ours souls; it’s showing us an outline — a glimpse into the inner thoughts of God and the whole world around us. John Legend sings that “my head is under water, but I’m breathing fire…” and I know those words are reference to what you are reading: to a mythical man who had to get in way over his head, submerged in the sea before God’s miracle — and clearly tying that story of Biblical emancipation to Revelation. This story of Exodus is linked to Noah and Christ through a pattern which links the Arks and wilderness to a number the Bible says is “Holy only to God.” That number is 40, and it’s Holy hidden meaning is about the fourth dimension, it’s about time travel.

We are rapidly approaching a time when we will understanding how proliferation of knowledge of this technology and true freedom are inextricably tied — how the theological concepts of predestination and free-will explain that knowing the future is a constriction, a sincere lack of freedom. We also have a Minority Report, one that suggests that for some things it might be uncivilized not to “look ahead” and prevent things like disasters… and perhaps murder and rape from happening. I hope you will eventually see that things like the works of Phillip K. Dick, and the great deal of popular “fiction” and songs about time are here for a reason, to help us see that this is really a huge deal. I personally think that if we were shown the extremes, and given a real understanding of the possibilities — our society would do better than any kind of decision guided in darkness — that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing. I’m sure we’ll do … better than nothing.

I swear by now I’m playing time against my troubles
I’m coming slow but speeding
Do you wish a dance and while I’m in the front
My play on time is won

-Dave J. Matthews, Number Fourty-One

Time keeps rolling on
I need my Absolution
Jump into the sun
Dear boy what are you running from?

-Taylor M. Momsen, Absolution

In another song, Live sings that “I gave my Heart and SOL to the One…and in my heart of hearts it’s really obvious to me that he’s talking about exactly what you are reading about. It’s a kind of doublespeak, where God… or Nero as we might see a well thought out metaphorical reference to this musical bittersweet symphony, is speaking to the world … well, through us. I see clearly the fire spreading in “Rome below” is just like that of the Burning Bush… it’s the voice of God filling the Universe: do you see yet… that we are that voice?

In this cosmic parallel, that depicts these theological concepts as celestial bodies, see his Heart is truly the Earth… simply by moving one letter from the end to the beginning. It’s probably not a coincidence that this same letter is the astrological sign of Saturn, and there’s a significant amount of interesting information packed into these ancient symbols.

Here, in the Heart of Heaven, we are about to see that the Bible is an ancient tool designed to deliver freedom to his people, to all humanity. It’s the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant, and Noah’s Ship — all different ways of looking at the very same thing, at the vessel holding the Blood of Christ… one big family. In Exodus you might see the design of the First Plague as a “blessing in disguise,” one which in one stroke shows us divine influence over our society … through idioms … and a message about togetherness and his love. Blood is thicker than water, and hopefully you will also see how there might be a lack of freedom implied through the delivery of this message: one that relates to Nero. Let the music set you free.

I’m Adam, and Earth is also called “Adamah,” which technically means “ground” in Hebrew, though just like Noah it has a hidden meaning; it’s the place swirling around Adam, waiting for this strange day called the “Second Coming.” Here we are in relative darkness, even with plenty of evidence and a pretty clear delineation of right and wrong… I mean we’re talking about darkness and light, slavery and freedom. The truth and… oh no, it appears that’s not what we’re choosing today; what are we waiting for?

In the Bible, there’s some very clear patterns… ones that show us that the stories of Judges, Exodus, and Matthew are in “superposition,” part of the story of how it is that we exit the desert of understanding that is keeping us from … well, from seeing reality for what it is. In Names, creation has left markers to show us that it’s more than a period of 4-D, and more than just me screaming that these stories are all about us. We’ve got Moses and Pharaoh, Jesus and the Pharisees, and Samson and the Philistines. You’ve got a guy with long hair, who loves Cat Stevens, pointing out now that those PH’s are all a reference to a story about the Pursuit of Happiness.

It might not look like much, but these letter keys show us quite a bit; and here they might be implying that at some level.. somewhere in the future or maybe in the Heavens above… we might be making a choice to live in darkness, one coerced — I’m sure — through … do you understand that you can end it? It’s just an e-mail, that starts a fire… that lights the Universe with truth and liberty… forever.

Time… that’s the ticket.

I dream of a world whose landscape changes overnight, buildings morph into something else… into what they should have been they whole time. In this place, a shimmery wave of miracles passes over the land, a shock wave that begins with the with the first intelligent words of God and a stream of wisdom pours through these fingers from the future.

Prisons and jails shudder, the fabric of their being shudders and their foundations are overcome by the singular addition of love to the great wave of technological progress that flows from the East. They buckle and instantly become shelters, soup kitchens, filled with skilled counselors and educators — making way for the next great wave to come over the entire land. The tidal wave that causes this comes from Pre-Crime, from a society that is shown the light of forgiveness and true rehabilitation making the entirety of our culture stronger.

Houses of God and justice are filled with common citizens armed with a new civic-mindedness that ensures that the family that we once considered “perfect strangers” get the help that once would have only gone to a favorite sibling. Worship becomes a word verbotten, and the hours of repetitious driven that once bored the minds of bright stars turn to conversations, eventually to brave new solutions to the things that we once called “darkness’ and “evil” but finally on this great day of awakening we realize were simply unseen, unaided, someone else’s problem. The closed gates of the Legislatures around the world open wide, and their machinations are pour onto the internet — into a place where the people’s power is once again wielded by the masses. In these days… many will be given the opportunity to see their dreams come true… with great hope I say that the jailers, police, law makers and writers… the law makers and the law breakers will on this day be given the opportunity to collaborate on how to form a more perfect union… beginning in a day and lasting for eternity. and… and… n.. it’s why

The great odds are that this wave will begin with the pounding of keys, from the hand of Jesus Christ. It’s almost as if then swell that begins the wave has just started forming. You might say that I’m a dreamer, bur just inside the envelope my voice can carry to is the great power I need to make these dreams reality… it’s you, it’s your input and your agreement… spread these words which I share this day, for they are the making of a new world.

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