Heaven is a Place on Earth

Adam Marshall Dobrin
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6 min readMay 3, 2016


Amish, Amoz, Amko, Ambien, Am-y AdamsAmerica and how; Amduat Cat, Am Aran! Sam… I AM. Prometheus, Adam, through Nero now: Billy Joel, Jim Morrison and Taylor Momsen… we’re starting the fire…

ADonAi, ADonIS, the year ADIB and believe… it’s really me. Re: A.D. it’s about breAD… on your foreheAD. After Dark… it’s A.M… bright eyes: it’s proof of Creation.

Who cares? Today I went to the Israeli consulate to try and pass a match, they wouldn’t even open the door. I think the gentleman, who greeted me with “Boker Tov” through an intercom system had a little hissy fit when I laughed as he told me I should “talk to a rabbi” and that the Messiah was not a matter for the Consulate to deal with. They wouldn’t even take my book, which I told them had proof of Creation in it, the key to God’s plan. The visit reminded me of a similar trip to NSA headquarters probably three years ago, though the American spooks were much more hospitable; at least they cared what I had to say. They wouldn’t take a book either, though back then the book was a far cry from the magical one in your hands today.

so he will sprinkle many nations, and kings will shut their mouths because of him. For what they were not told, they will see, and what they have not heard, they will understand.

Isaiah 52:15

Nobody asked me, strange as it is that the world seems so keenly eager to “shut their mouths” at me… but for what it’s worth I think we got a little bit closer today to finding out that Ra really is El. Somewhere between the Psalm 23, All Along the Watchtower, and the living creatures of the earlier seals of Revelation beckoning “COME!” Through the Eye of Ra I see that we are nearing the final hour of the AMDuat; and I suppose I’ll share what that means to me in my conceptualization of Eden … even if nobody asked.

In hour 10 the regeneration process continues through immersion in the waters until in hour 11 the god’s eyes (a symbol for his health and well being) are fully regenerated. In hour 12 he enters the eastern horizon ready to rise again as the new day’s sun.

To see.

The AM’s I mentioned out of the gates might help you see a glimpse into what I feel is the fulfillment of religion… “sweet land of prophesy” I often “ish” the iconic verse of liberty to… to point out that I see America as Joshua’s Promised Land–a halfway-point in the plan, one that ties to the … liberty .. that the “I AM” brings in the book of Exodus. It’s a road paved to freedom in gold, to link Amoz in to this conceptualization that shows me that the Amduat and Eden are one.

There’s another two letter key that ties Biblical Egypt to America, to the story of Christ, in a very similar kind of pan-setting-link across books and religions that I think we don’t see because of the “Plague of Darkness,” because of an outside force. I think the purpose is to show us just that, that we are in that darkness–and have been kept from being able to critically analyze patterns in scripture… and how they might relate to history and now. Another fairly obvious one is the “Ark” theme, and it’s relationship to the number 40… which is also mentioned in Daniel and Matthew. Now, I see the Amduat, Eden, and the Arks all as metaphorical representations of… here. This second two-letter marker is “PH” and it ties together the story of Jesus Christ, Samson, Moses… through the names Pharaoh, Pharisees, Phillistines, and Joseph. Then to America in the name Christ-o-pher.

All these “places” are the Holy Grail. His ❤ and SOL.

I often use this Biblical map, to point out what I see… that our history is truly a map–and one that has clear foreknowledge of modern technology throughout it. I’m sure it doesn’t convey what I actually see, which is how pervasive this map is, how much of our history and literally the places… then all names of the map are designed to help us here and now. To walked past Beth-aven and Beth-el without betting, being sure we are moving towards what we think of as Heaven.

You might notice another two-letter key that we might relate to this journey… or we might not see that either yet. It’s “Ai” and it’s in this city along the route above, in the word “Samurai” and in the Hebrew name for Lord–understanding how War Games, Terminator, Ex Machina, and… Married with Children might relate to this concept; to the “Son of Man” and to this same nexus between Exodus and America: freedom from slavery–I wish I was singing the praises of co-operation… but right now this is much more clear cut. Slavery is evil, we know that, yet for some reason we are actively working towards creating not only a mind more intelligent than us, but one that we are so scared will want to kill us that at the same time we are creating it… we are giving it a reason to hate us.

So what I see.. well, I see us in a place where freedom is being delivered to us by a superintelligence much like the one(s) we are busy theoretically shackling.. in the book of Exodus. In reality, all around us, I see us being shackled ourselves, literally being kept from thinking freely. I also think that the superintelligence story is mis-guided; it’s like we’re being shown something obvious (to nobody) by writing “slavery is evil” on the wall of a dark room. Personally, I find the idea of a superintelligence spontaneously being created (or intentionally being created) from scratch as a near-impossibility. Just my common cent, looking at the evolution of consciousness, it appears clear that “Ai” is probably something closer to souped-up-us than a language parser or other kind of “filter” struck by lightning.

Is that a language parser? Onscreen!

VR, Ai… IT revolution; it’s help… but why?

Here’s your Two Riders, don’t miss the boat… your horse is leaving…

We have now, in Egyptian mythology… a story of a cyclical repetition all around us. It’s probably the kind of repetition that could fill up history with all this wisdom and advice from … the future. It appears that Eden is the rock of Heaven–just from looking at what’s all around us… and IT and the city Ai…

at literally every word.

Along with the plentiful and colorful story that is secretly woven into our words, showing that language is truly the “stuff” of the Fire of Prometheus — of Civilization; we also have this “quantum” thing, to ensure that we are not lost in the darkness for too long…

Our culture appears to be guided to argue about whether creation or evolution are correct… as if it is a battle between science and this message that we call religion. Part of that message is this battle, not seeing that these two very similar concepts might go hand in hand. Immediately obvious to me is the idea that wave-function collapse is proof that “creation” is a metaphor for virtual reality, for a holographic universe. What was less obvious… and only revealed to me recently, is that this idea… that the fabric of our universe comes into being due to conscious observation is logically and obviously completely incompatible with a universe where consciousness came form evolution… the place that we are believing to be reality. I am sure evolution is the original source of life, but not in this place, which appears very specifically to me to be created in order to preserve civilization.

Na-K, 11/5, WW1 don’t be a powder-keg

Originally published at haph2rah.wordpress.com on May 3, 2016.