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3 min readDec 5, 2023


We’re excited to share an opportunity that’s all about fostering community and collaboration within our BZE family. It’s not just about contributing; it’s about growing together, sharing our passions for crypto and the Cosmos Ecosystem, and making everyone’s voice heard.

Introducing the CoinTrunk Article Initiative

What’s Happening?

The BZE Alpha Team invites you to propose articles that you find intriguing and thought-provoking. For every article you propose that we choose to publish on the BZE Blockchain through our CoinTrunk module, you’ll receive 500 BZE. But more importantly, you’ll be playing a pivotal role in curating content that resonates with our community. If you’re not sure what CoinTrunk is check out this Medium post.

How It Works

Sharing Your Discoveries

  1. Creating a Title for Your Discovery — Stumbled upon a fascinating tweet, a captivating YouTube video, or an insightful post on Medium or CoinTelegraph that’s all about the Cosmos Ecosystem or Crypto? Think it deserves a wider audience? We’d love to hear from you! Start by summarizing the essence of what you’ve found. Create a title for your submission that is both explicit and compelling, capturing the core of the content you’re sharing.
  2. Linking to the source — Share a link to the article. Remember, the content should be from our list of accepted domains.
  3. Visual Touch — If the article has an accompanying picture (from an accepted domain), feel free to include it.

CoinTrunk Article Initiative Rules

  • Where to submit: Visit this Google Form or copy the link and open it in your browser
  • Daily Sharing Limit: While there’s no limit to your enthusiasm, we reward up to 5 articles per day. Higher prizes might be rewarded but only 5 are guaranteed daily.
  • Article Publishing: We, the BZEAlphaTeam publisher, will be the ones publishing these articles on the blockchain. You can view them on the CoinTrunk web app.
  • First Discovery: If the same article is proposed by multiple community members, the reward goes to the first sharer.
  • Address Accuracy: Make sure your BZE wallet address is correct — we want to ensure you receive your well-deserved rewards!
  • Where to Find Shareable Content — As part of our BZE family, your discoveries should come from trusted and reliable sources. To ensure the quality and relevance of the content, we have a specific list of accepted domains. Here are the domains where you can find content to share with us:, (CoinTelegraph images), (YouTube images),,, (Medium images), (Twitter images),, This list represents the accepted domains at the time of this writing. The latest list can be checked directly on our blockchain here.
  • How long will this initiative work? The initiative fund is 50,000 BZE and might be extended depending on how much fun we have and how much good quality content we share with each other.

Why Join In?

This is more than just an opportunity to earn BZE. It’s about being an active member of our family, contributing to the knowledge pool, and engaging in meaningful discussions about topics we’re all passionate about.

Ready to Share?

Hop onto our submission form and let’s start this journey of exploration and discovery together. Your perspective is valuable, and your contributions are what make our BZE family unique.

Let’s build a stronger, more connected crypto community together.

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